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    How to choose your builder in Victoria - great video

    Thank you for creating this fantastic guide.
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    Lawyer Recommendation Required (MELB)

    Hi Guys, Does anyone have any dealings or know a great lawyer who charges reasonable rates? Would be good if this person has direct experience in suing Real Estate Firms for gross incompetence, wilful deception in order to cover their tracks and failure to provide fundamental services they...
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    Failure to provide condition report

    Can someone please tell me the likely outcome of the VCAT hearing whereby my tenants have done damage to my property and I wish to claim money from the bond for repairs? I have photos from the agent prior to them moving in and a condition report (unsigned by the tenant) proving this fact...
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    Tenant damage - advice needed.

    Just to clarify, the Shade Sails were done without notification by the tenants, all the other improvements were requested and approved formally. Upon review we were both happy with the results of the other works performed however they seemed to have become too comfortable and took the liberty...
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    Tenant damage - advice needed.

    Can someone please advise me on where I stand now that the following events have transpired. Had excellent tenants looked after the house and made capital improvements at their own expense, found the whole experience to be quite pleasant until I discovered.... Shade sails had been...
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    Please ignore the nonsense in this thread the harsh reality is, Once you sign a lease your stuffed. Unless you serve a notice to Landlord which gives him or her 14 days to fix the issue 3 times in a row you are unable to break the lease without cost. This government and Banking system...
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    Using Parents Equity - Will It Affect Their Veterens Pension?

    The way I see it is pretty simple. Most families live in a state of bitter resentment as it is, the high divorce rate we have in Australia and it's shameless culture make it the standard. If your parents are offering you capital to get ahead in a system where 90% of the Australian dollar has...
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    Does anyone rent by choice?

    Please pardon my ignorance but how do you claim your rent as a tax deduction? I am in similar circumstance, my IP on the market now looking for a tennant and we plan to rent a unit close to my work at $300 a week. This will help us pay our IP off within 3 years max. Cheers Dan
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    Has anyone had any Paranormal Activity with an IP?

    Following on from the Murder house thread I would be interested to know if anyone is game enough to admit their past or current experience; For added trivia on how real this phenomena is, you can muse on a case study based on the employment contract for the light house keepers at Execution...
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    Sub Letting double standard

    I apologise if my venting comes off as extreme however; I am in the process of putting my PPOR on the market for lease, after seeing many houses in my area vacant I used to think, how could anyone who has an asset that can provide a roof over ones head and increase the quality of life to such...
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    Sub Letting double standard

    Has anyone else picked up on this clause from the renting guide? To me it seems that this nation founded by the importation of convicts just ended up at parliament house to setup their criminal cartels who cater for their favourite special interest groups. I am beyond outraged at this...