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  1. Sailesh Channan

    Buffett buys into the Australian share market.

    Headlines such as these are designed to sell shares to the average investor. Most likely they have a superfund or peraps Buffett looking to offload shares. They then sell off shares in parcels so it does not cause a big drop in prices. Look at most charts you will see how shares rise...
  2. Sailesh Channan

    RBA to cut another 1%?

    I am just commentating on the current trajectory. The Government is talking up the smart Australia rhetoric hopefully it will eventuate.
  3. Sailesh Channan

    RBA to cut another 1%?

    Australia will have to sit and wait for the world economy to pick up. This is when our resources will be in demand again which in turn fill fill up the goverment coffers. The housing industry is largely propping up the our economy combined with modest tourism numbers. With an ageing baby...
  4. Sailesh Channan

    Eco sandwich panel wall systems

    Thats the base home cost. A turn key finish will add around $60 to $80k depending on the soil type.
  5. Sailesh Channan

    RBA to cut another 1%?

    Now that the Goverment has introduced a stimulus package to help small business I cannot see the need for further rates cuts. There will be a period of 6 to 12 months to see the effectiveness of the initiative before any decision of interest rate adjustments. We are not in a recession so...
  6. Sailesh Channan

    Eco sandwich panel wall systems

    I have raised a Queenslander and build under plus fully reconfigured and renovated the upstairs 10 years ago. A lot of work went into the project and time away from the family. In hindsight it would have been cheaper to demolish and rebuild. You cannot use precut panels when raising an...
  7. Sailesh Channan

    Brookwater, QLD?

    Land prices in the surrounding suburbs have gone up. Augustine Heights range from $260k to $330k on sloping blocks and now has become comparable to Brookwater in price. However, Brookwater is a far better area and I expect prices to start going up slowly over the next 3 years
  8. Sailesh Channan

    Polished Porcelain Tiles

    All indoor tiles are slippery when wet. Porcelain tiles are tougher than ceramic tiles they should not scratch. However, as they have a smooth shiny surface dust and scuff marks will show up more.
  9. Sailesh Channan

    Has anyone ever negotiated for property in estate?

    In a hot market where prices are going up then negotiation may not be possible. The Brisbane market is hot is some places and there are areas where discounts are possibleas the market has not picked up yet.
  10. Sailesh Channan

    Massland seminar - Mark Rolton

    These strategies are easy to teach however, difficult to implement. You need to be dedicated and be prepared to knock on doors to get the right property. The promoters dont really care as the success depends on you applying the strategies correctly. The majority will fail due to the...
  11. Sailesh Channan

    what happens to house prices during a recession

    We had a double dip recession after Paul Keating took over from Bob Hawke. I believe the second recession was in 1993.
  12. Sailesh Channan

    Brisbane - QUU Infrastructure charges on 2 lot to 2 title "splitter" block

    I remember back in early 2000 1 into two only cost around $20k. Council sees developers as the minority so rather than increasing rates they slug developers to raise revenue. Big rate increases leads to immediate sacking of the encumberent council members. There was a big jump when the...
  13. Sailesh Channan

    what happens to house prices during a recession

    Also have to add the Paul Keating resession, the one we had to have.
  14. Sailesh Channan

    Best estate for CG and Cashflow in Brisbane and surrounds.

    Good price. I would put Jimboomba ahead of Yarrabilba as it has the potential for a rail station
  15. Sailesh Channan

    House with subdivision potential

    You will need to check that the block in question is not mine effected before you buy. Then you need to do your research on what is the suitable development for the street.
  16. Sailesh Channan

    When it is Townsvilles Turn

    Yes, Cairns economy is linked to tourism similar to Gold Coast so the cycles here are different. Although Gold Coast will see an extra boost from the Commonwealth games as the infrastructure projects pick up.
  17. Sailesh Channan

    Doncaster East

    Wow, I should have kept my property on Maldon Cres in East Doncaster. I only paid around $280k in 1998.
  18. Sailesh Channan

    When it is Townsvilles Turn

    Good time to accumulate good properties in Townsville now while prices are low. Townsville growth lags behind Brisbane. Queensland growth starts in the inner city suburbs and runs for approximetely 3 years then it expends to the outer surburbs and then spreads to Logan, Ipswich and Moreton...
  19. Sailesh Channan

    Multi-unit development

    Choose a reputable builder that builds a number of units a year. This means they will have the specilalised trades that is relevant to unit construction. Hire a quantity surveyor for each progress draw and a good project manager that can deal with complications that arise during the...
  20. Sailesh Channan

    Another Brissie thread - but a bit different

    You can buy a splitter site in Morningside and build two new 5 bed dewllings and get around $700/week in rent for each house. However, each home will cost around $750k each however, the value will be around $800k so you make a small profit along the way.