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    Western Australians Investing in Property (WAIP) August Meeting

    Hi, do you have a program yet for September? I have never been to any of your meetings, but am definitely interested. thanks
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    Selling geared shares and repaying deductible debt

    Thanks Rob, that's how I previously read this as well...but then other people I spoke to seemed to be of a different opinion, and when the ATO people also contradicted their own tax ruling I was even more confused :confused: ...although, the ATO officers have been known to give incorrect...
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    Selling geared shares and repaying deductible debt

    I have an interesting question I cannot find the answer to, I have rung the ATO, but even they did not seem comvinced with their own here goes... Assume I bought $100,000 worth of shares with a $100,000 line of credit investment loan.The shares subsequently went up to $200,000 and...
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    Where would you buy in North Brisbane?

    About 8 months ago we were looking to buy our 2nd IP on the Redcliffe peninsula, but eventually decided to buy elsewhere as the market was getting too hot. One of the selling agents we spoke to at that time rang me yesterday, deperately seeking buyers...
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    Where would you buy in North Brisbane?

    We bought in woody point and deception bay last year, and are happy with both our purchases. We would look at the redcliffe area again for our next property.
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    Termite treatment Brisbane

    Hi We have just done our first annual pest inspection after we bought our first IP in April last year in Thornlands, Queensland. The pest inspection at time of purchase indicated everything was fine and there was no immediate termite danger. No treatment was recommended. We now had an...
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    What's Your Day Job (if any)?

    I work in the financial planning industry, and like a lot of forumites I do not particularly like the way a lot of people in our industry provide advice
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    Income Insurance - what level?

    David, best to find a reliable broker, as they deal with claims all the time and know from experience which ones pay up more easily than others.
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    Income Insurance - what level?

    Mark, You are right, some super funds have started offering this. From a tax point of view though there is no difference with having the insurance in super, as it is tax deductible anyway. However, I do take your point re the cashflow issue, although you should be able to get decent cover...
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    Income Insurance - what level?

    Depends...remember that if you are negavitely gearing, you may require more than 75% of your income to meet the repayments. Worst case, you may also have medical costs, etc. I consider income protection to be the bare minimum, other add-ons include trauma cover and death/tpd cover (for...
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    Income Insurance - what level?

    Hi mixedup, the type of policy that you have is called salary continuance. they are basic income protection policies that cover you for two years. more comprehensive policies (more features) cover you until age 60 or 65. you can only insure up to 75% of your employment income, so you...
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    The season for cashed up aunties - is my advice sound?

    Sunfish, that's weher you are wrong like most people. A super fund is not a managed fund, it is a vehicle that you use to invest in managed funds. If she for example established a SMSF, she could have cash, managed funds and property all within the same structure, and if she rolls it to...
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    The season for cashed up aunties - is my advice sound?

    people still see super as an investment class, such as shares or property, but it's just a vehicle, in fact the most tax-efficient vehicle there is, especially when you have reached retirement age. you can invest in shares, property, managed funds, all within super!
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    The season for cashed up aunties - is my advice sound?

    I would definitely put some money into super as well. She can get up to 600K in over 2 years, tax-free in and tax-free out. Drawing a minimum pension is not a problem until age 65 as you can always put it back in until then. And the investments in the pension enjoy tax-free status as
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    We have a 3x2 with SLUG renting fro 295 pw in Deception Bay (increased from 285 six months ago)
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    Wealth Protector

    We have got 1 million each in life insurance, and also have trauma and income protection. I believe adequate insurance (not just on your properties) is the cornerstone of a wealth building strategy. Most importantly it also provides you peace of mind if something does go wrong. Life insurance...
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    Double insuring

    you can double-insure, but it will only cost you money, as you will pay two premiums, but will only be able to claim once. insurance is not designed to make a profit on claim, it clealry states that in the PDS. in fact, if you have two policies, you may even have trouble getting your claim...
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    Handyman Perth SOR

    Hi, The building report on the property we put a conditional offer on, highlighted some repair/maintenance issues: downpipes, flyscreens, rotten lining of pergola, etc. Does anyone know a reliable handyman south of the river? We want to get some quotes so we can start negotiating! thanks
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    IP's for the time poor?

    Or you could look at DHA properties (Defence Housing). They have a fixed lease term and management is taken care off for you. On the negative: properties tend to be more expensive due to certainty of rental income, they may achieve a lower price in case of a forced sale and the management costs...
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    Buying in WA

    Our goal is to achieve financial independence in approx. 15 years, which we think is achievable. But we hope that one of us can quit the rat race a bit sooner and do sth more fulfilling, maybe sth property-related or even charity work. We currently both work in the finance industry, so we...