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  1. Notaxez

    Armstrong Creek...geelong - any info on plans??

    Hi all Just looking to see if there is any other knowledge out there about the latest plans for Armstrong Creek development in the Geelong area? would this make grovedale and waurn ponds more interesting? I was thinking these two places would be a great investment. I have read all the...
  2. Notaxez

    confused about loan structure for investing...

    G'day, we are pulling our hair out trying to understand what is the best method for setting up your loans when trying to increase your property portfolio. i have read numerous of the threads and am just getting more confused. we want ot purchase our 2nd IP and our banker suggests using...
  3. Notaxez

    Good accountant on Gold Coast??

    hi all, can anyone recommend a savy accountant on the coast who has an excellent grasp on property investment laws etc? cheers L :cool:
  4. Notaxez

    Investment Loan from equity in PPOR

    Hi there We are seeking to purchase our 2nd IP and to do this without paying LMI and to have the new IP stand on its own, our banker suggests we use the available equity in our PPOR (only up to 80%) which equates to $55k and convert this amount into an investment loan of which this would then...
  5. Notaxez

    PM in Geelong. help please?

    Gday, I am new to this website and have spent half the night reading the threads, just love it! Am looking to purchase an IP in Geelong. Can you recommend a good agent for Property Management here please? :confused: Thanks