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    Electrcity Charges - Granny Flat

    Hey guys and girls, I just thought i would put the situation out there for feedback and opinions. The situation goes, its a residential property with a detached garage with a granny flat on top. Both tenanted with separate metering for each occupancy, for explainations sake lets call tenant A...
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    New South Wales, where to reno?

    Hi All, Any suggestions or tips on buying my first place to renovate in the state of NSW. Im on abit of a budget of around $300K, including renovation. Is it still possible/affordable or am I dreaming? Where else should i get my kickstart in this investing world?
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    Questions on the Basics and more.

    Hi Somersoft, Please excuse if Ive posted in the wrong section, i couldn't quite work out which section this post falls under as it may touch on several subjects. I just wanted to put myself out there to gather opinions/suggestions/comments in regards to my situation. Im currently in a...