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    Hedland options so I need some opinions/advice please

    OK, heres my tale. I have a approx 1100m2 block in Sth Hedland with a "well loved" 1970s BHP brick and decramastic 3BR/1Bath 110m2 house on it rented to a major company. By well loved I mean the place needs a lot of work to bring it up to a good standard. I figure $100K would get it close, and...
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    Oh for petes sake....... now its a caveat.

    Well here we go again, this IP in South Hedland is turning into a major pain in the backside. Settlement was after many delays finally set for Fri 5 Feb, that morning I get a call from my settlement agent telling me its now moved back to hopefully Mon 8 Feb as there is a Caveat on the property...
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    Anyone with experience on Decramastic?

    OK, looks like my purchase in Sth Hedland is a goer so now Im looking into doing a bit of work to the place since its such a lovely shade of purple on the outside walls...... :o (actually, that icon is pretty close to the colour.......) Brick walls painted purple isnt exactly my ideal so Im...
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    Do I crash the contract.....CAN I?

    OK, got a bit of a curly one here. Im in Brisbane and have put an offer in for a property in WA, wife and I have signed the contract and now vendor has added a couple of clauses to the contract and REA is now "asking us to please sign here and here" but I am not exactly happy with those clauses...
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    PMs in Port/South Hedland

    OK, Im in the throes of buying a place in South Hedland and my thoughts turned to PM. The current lease of 2 years began in Oct 09 at $1200 wk with a market change in Oct 10. The current owner is doing the PM himself as hes a local I believe. Going thru the same REA as Im buying the property...