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    Sunshine ip

    I suggest you contact Denisa from Bells Sunshine. She is my PM and extremely good.
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    Melbourne to run more

    Sash has given plenty of clues. If you are serious, you should not have too many problems researching where the H+L packages are.
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    Mid melbourne or brisbane

    that sucks
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    Mid melbourne or brisbane

    with 623m2, this site is at least a potential 3-4 unit development site depending on zoning. Possibly multi level. In that case, it may well me a good price for a developer even at $1.2 million
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    Insurance for house and granny flat

    I use Terry Scheer. One building policy for house and GF and two landlord policies for the two sets of tenants.
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    Pics of Your Pets!

    OMG!!! $550k for a 1600m2 block with a decent house 10 k's from the CBD :eek: You could get lost in a yard that big. Bye bye Melbourne and Sydney you over priced tarts, Brisbane here I come :D Below are my two Siamese. The large one is male, dumb and lovable. The smaller is female, clever and...
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    Pics of Your Pets!

    Look me in the eye and tell me you were not tempted to turn the tap on :D
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    Driverless cars - the biggest potential impact to real estate?

    Driverless cars and work productivity?!? Bah humbug We already have the next best thing!!! car pooling. For every 3 days out of 4 you can sit back, relax, hammer away at the laptop etc while the designated driver takes you to your place of work or close to it.
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    Pics of Your Pets!

    Awesome dogs and great back yard. Is your block 600m2 or bigger? Makes me wonder what I'm doing living in an apartment. Are blocks like yours easy to find at decent prices in Brisbane?
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    Would you ever buy an IP worth more than your PPOR?

    Moot point because I don't have a PPOR yet have 4 going on 5 IPs
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    borrow funds against your IP to invest in fully franked equities..

    You are probably right but I still don't feel intellectually or emotionally convinced. Using a basic example of two $500k house/granny flat properties with -gross yield of 8% -expenses such as PM fees etc at 15% of rent -tax rate of 34.5% Your net cash in hand income would be just under...
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    borrow funds against your IP to invest in fully franked equities..

    A net return of 2.3% does not sound very impressive. I'd have thought there would have thought getting better net returns than 2.3% would not be too difficult. Could be my ignorance showing :confused:
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    How much do you spend a year (living expenses)?

    Nah, it is a western buffet where expats can load up on the stuff from home they miss like cheese, german sausages, steak, salmon and much more.
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    What would you consider a "safe" LVR for a conservative, risk adverse investor?

    Personally at this stage 60-70% is ideal Unless you have acheived your financial/wealth building goals, a low LVR is also high risk because your assets are being lazy and not working hard enough for you.
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    How much do you spend a year (living expenses)?

    In Auss, $20 would get you a couple of McDonalds value meals and not much else. $22 here can get you lunch at a 5 star Shangrila hotel's buffet if you book tickets in advance.
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    How much do you spend a year (living expenses)?

    Two adults and a baby weekly expenses $80 food $106 rent $20-30 utilities $15 mobile phones and internet $20 eating out and entertainment $30 baby stuff $30 transport $30-40 misc (clothes etc) plus $4000 or so annually holidays So around $22,000 to $23,000 for a comfortable...
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    Sunshine results today

    Don't worry, if some one does not like your thread, they don't have to read it.
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    RBA May 2015 announcement - 25 point cut

    What about the wealth effect of rate increases? Properties drop 100k?
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    Aussie slang

    Come on....... how come no one has said "sheila or sheilas" You lot are worse than a pack of sheilas :D
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    Property Development Project Management

    Thank you for the PM. I've gone over your information and your services pretty much covers everything. Excellent for anyone interested in a project manager and as the OTP mentioend, too bad about the distance. Not looking for any project management services now but good to know what is out...