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    Problem with condensation or leak (photos included) ?

    Hi Guys, I was wondering if anyone here can give me some advice as to what could be causing the marks on 2 of the walls in my house. These wall are facing towards the outside of the house (external facing walls). The house was painted around 2 years ago and I found these today, they might...
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    What masters degree will cover all this?

    Hi, I am looking for a masters degree which is 1 or 2 years full time that will cover most of the following: Risk Management Business Contract/Corporate/Commercial Law bit of Accounting Strategic Business Planning Macroeconomics Organizational Behavior Does anyone know of a...
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    Oil Prices

    Hi All, I was wondering if anyone here trades in Oil futures? If so what are your thoughts on current oil price slide and would you be going long anytime soon ? Maybe around $50 per barrel? Cheers.
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    Need help assessing a commercial property

    Hi, I have had an offer accepted on a Commercial Property for $365K. The property is in Canberra. It has a land of around 900sqm. It has a warehouse building of total 400sqm. This is 2 levels, top level is 200sqm and bottom level is 200sqm. The property sloped down to the back and the two...
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    Question About Property Development

    Hi, I will be asking the question with council on tomorrow but I thought I will get advise/opinions from here first. I am looking at a property which is zoned for Residential Multi Dwelling. However the minimum lot size for RMD is specified at 750m2 and this particular property has a lot size...
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    QBE Share price drop

    Hi Guys, I was wondering if anyone here owns QBE shares and if they know why the stock had a sharp drop in share price? Thanks.
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    Title Search NSW

    Hi, I am trying to find the search which gives the Strata Plan details which is usually attached in a contract for sale in NSW. Can someone please tell me which search it is? I have looked on LPI website and I have done the title search but it does not give me the strata plan details...
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    Renovation ideas/suggestions

    Hi Guys, I am looking to renovate a property I recently bought and I would like some suggestions/ideas. 1. In the lounge room (room with the big entertaining unit and wallpaper) I am going to take the wallpaper off. I have read I can do this with a wallpaper scorer and mixture of...
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    Property Investors Summit Saturday 21 April 2012 Sydney

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone else is going to the Property Investors Summit tomorrow in Sydney And if they wanted to meet for networking. Regards.
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    Property Investment Companies

    Hi, Does anyone here have any experience setting up a property investment type company? Basically the company would be buying and selling properties. This will be done using company money and investor money.
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    The Entrance Commercial Property

    Hi Guys, Just wanted to let you guys know of a very good property deal I have found but am unable to fund it at this stage. This property needs minor fixes...
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    The Entrance Commercial Property Bargain

    Hi Guys, I have found a property which has a lot of net profit to be made but unfortunately I will not be able to finance it so I am putting it here : There...
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    Pipe Leak in Bathroom

    Hi Guys, I have a query about one of my property in Queensland which is tenanted. Its a unit within a complex and the bathroom has had a pipe leak and the vanity case and carpet have been damaged. I talked to my strata manager and she said that building insurance will cover for...
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    Friend got $8000 bill from previous rental

    Hi Guys, One of my friend was recently moved out of a rental property as he bought his own house. He was in the rental property for 10 years which was brand new when he moved in. Now he had to go to the tribunal because the landlord/PM are asking for money to: 1). replace carpets 2)...
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    HCMC Distrct 1 Accommodation

    Hi, I will be travelling to Vietnam on Feb 18 and will be there till March 18. I would like to stay in the Ho Chi Minh city (District 1). However I prefer to stay in a studio apartment as I would prefer to cook myself instead of eating out too much. Can someone suggest how I can find...
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    Furious about a dealing with Real Estate Agent

    Hey, Just wanted to share an experience I had with a real estate agent. There is a property which got passed in yesterday in Auction in NSW Central Coast yesterday. Anyways I called up the agent yesterday and he sounded very rude when he told me the property is passed in, said he was busy...
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    Question about CGT on property

    Hi, If someone lives in a property for more then 2 years and then moves to another city and converts the current PPOR to IP then should he be getting a valuation to see the current value of the property and say if he sells the property 5 years later he will be paying tax on sale price -...
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    Conveyancer in Cairns

    Hi, Does anyone know of a good/cheap conveyancer in Cairns which they have used in the past? Thanks.
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    Findind the next Ipswich, Elizabeth?

    Finding the next Ipswich, Logan, Elizabeth? Hi, I am looking to get some ideas on finding growth areas in the making such as Ipswich, Logan Central and Elizabeth as they were few years ago? I am looking all over Australia but would like some opinions on how I can go about getting...
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    Residential Property on Industrial Zoned Land

    Hi, I was wondering what are the negatives in buying Residential property on Industrial Zoned Land? I am looking at buying a property on Industrial zoned land which has a house and block of flats on it. I talked to the council and they said if the property is demolished then it would...