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    Insurance claim. Do I declare as income?

    Hi all I had water damage to my propery and the insurance company paid for new kitchen cabinets $6750 direct to the builder. Landlord insurance paid me $1870 for a floating floor and I used the money to pay for it myself. Do I - 1. Declare the $1870 as income and claim as...
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    Full reno on Malvern unit. Metropole or other options.

    My 2 bed Malvern unit needs a complete reno. Metropole has quoted the job as they manage the property. Has anyone used them before? Can anyone suggest an alternate builder that can quote the whole job? Any advice appreciated. Thanks Daz
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    Depreciation Schedule - Pre 1985 IP. Is it worth it????

    Im buying an investment property built in 1976. Its a bit run down and I will be renovating later in the year when the tenant leaves. Is a depreciation schedual worth while? I know I cant claim on the building, only the chatels. Should I wait untill after the renovations?
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    Perth/Mandurah accountant

    Is your accountant well versed in property investing? If they are located in Mandurah or south of the river Id like to here about it. Thanks Daz
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    Mandurah or Perth mortage broker.

    Can anyone recommend a broker in Mandurah who is a property investor themselves? I intend to purchase multiple property's and need a broker who will support me. I am considering using Robert Coombs from Crystal finance in Canning Vale, but it means some travelling. Thanks