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    Who do you target when you renovate/develop?

    Why don't you run some suburb profile reports and find out more about who lives in that area? Kind Regards, Ana
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    Writing article - Would welcome input

    Thank you so much for all your input. This is exactly the kind of information that I needed to find out about. Can I try and see if I have understood what you mean correctly: - it seems like a big concern is around detailed renovation costing, ie being able to work out fairly accurately how...
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    Writing article - Would welcome input

    Hey guys, Would love some input from you... One of the things I have heard a lot of people say that they worry about is renovation costing and budget blow outs. Would you agree with that? Any other ideas? Cheers, Ana
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    Writing article - Would welcome input

    Hi Guys, I'm writing an article at the moment about what kind of worries and fears newbies have about getting into renovating for profit and I would really welcome your input. Most of the time, its our worries and fears that stop us from giving something a go and I'd like to find out what...
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    Carpenter, Plasterer, Floor Polisher in Melbourne

    We can help. Give me a call at the office on 03 9005 7992. Kind Regards, Ana
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    Matching floorboards?

    Check out recycle centres and demolition yards. They might be able to supply you with a really close match if that size/type, etc timber is not available new to match..
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    shower base tiles - which size is better?

    If you are using 300x300 tiles for the floors, these are the most common sized tiles to also tile the shower bases with. In majority of the renovations we do for clients, these are the sized tiles they use for the shower bases, anything much bigger will get more fiddly as you have to do more...
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    Setting Investment Goals - Reno Goals

    Hey guys, Here is an article I did recently about setting your investment goals for Property Review Weekly newspaper. I'd love to hear what some of people's investment goals in regard to reno's, are for the year...
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    Becoming an Inner circle member

    It also helps if the agents see you as a potential repeat customer. Because a large number of the renovations we do are reno/sell, they see us around quite a bit. I think that what someone mentioned is the key, the more they see and speak with you, the better they get to know you and also most...
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    Question about Air con

    Our electrician contractors suggested the same thing. A lot of the less known brands actually use parts manifactured by the bigger brand companies. Worth looking into.. Kind Regards, Ana Stankovic
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    Sinking floor

    Creaking floors could be completely different from the stump issues. A carpenter might be able to help you fix the creaking, but you will need a re-stumper to make any changes to the stumps. They will also need to get a permit for this type of work and always ask to get a copy of the final...
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    Costs of adding an additional room to a dwelling?

    It's always cheaper if you can add the room withing the existing footprint rather than extending, however having said that, we've had clients who we have done extensions for who have added a couple of bedrooms and a bathroom and got a huge increase on their return. It will also depend on the...
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    Good glazier in Brisbane

    Any recommendations for a glazier in Brisbane? Wishing you every success, Ana Stankovic
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    Melbourne August Meeting

    Thank you everyone for having me present last night, it was lovely to meet you all and I hope you were able to take lots of useful tips away with you to assist you with your own renovation projects. Wishing you every success, Ana
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    Melbourne August Meeting

    Thanks Pete, Looking forward to it! Wishing you every success, Ana
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    FREE Interviews and Articles

    For those intersted in renovating for profit, we have just posted some of of the interviews we did recently with 4BC radio in Brisbane as well as some articles which were published (Australian Property Investor magazine, Property Review Weekly newspaper, Renovating & Decorating magazine) on our...
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    Ceiling Water Damage Below Shower

    You need a proper report by a builder (similar to what they would supply an insurance company with) to explain what has happend, what the consequences are and what needs to be done and a quote. This report should be supplied to the original builder in writing (registered post) with the option...
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    any brisbane meetups

    We're also doing an information day together with 4BC radio on Renovating for Profit in August. Wishing you every success, Ana
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    Renovating - Profits

    Thats great MTR, I tend to prefer that focus because it helps you compare deals but also it helps you compare different variations (and startegies) you can do with the same deal which is why I like using PAT for profitability analysis. You might be able to get $70k in real profit for a 6...
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    Floor covering

    That's a great saving! It's always good to shop around and some of the auction houses have great deals on floor coverings too such as Fowles in their weekly auctions. Definitely worth having a look. Wishing you every success, Ana Stankovic