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  1. Dave Hooper

    IP finally ready

    Well, after 5 weeks of hard yakka, our IP is now ready. It hit the net tonight, so it's all a bit exciting...wanted to share it :p We paid $280k for it...
  2. Dave Hooper

    Weird oven, or is it?

    We recently purchased an IP. The oven is a gas oven, Eurolec brand. It seems Eurolec were placed in receivership a year or so ago, so I can't exactly get hold of anyone to assist with my question. Anyway, the issue is that there are holes at the base of the oven, which doesn't seem right to...
  3. Dave Hooper

    Settlement done, but old owner still coming back

    We settled on our (1st :p) IP on Wednesday, at Midday. The previous owner left a LOT of rubbish for us to remove (a 6 metre skip worth). In addition, she has left a bunch of her stuff there, and has been making trips back and forth for the past two days carting it away. It's giving me the...
  4. Dave Hooper


    Took possession of our new IP today. So far we've removed some dodgy floorboards, removed an old kitchen cupboard, cut a piece around the (loose) fireplace surround so it will fit, and have started removing the bathroom in readiness for the new one. Taking off the cement sheeting, I...
  5. Dave Hooper

    ANZAC Day

    Lest we forget.
  6. Dave Hooper

    Buy, renovate then sell? Does it work?

    Is anyone here pursuing a strategy involving purchasing 'renovators delights', doing an appropriate renovation, then selling? Do the higher costs involved (stamp duty at purchase, agents at sale) prevent this strategy from working? If you are a developer or an investor, do you use this...
  7. Dave Hooper

    Construction cost per square metre

    Handy reference - Not sure how accurate it is though :confused:
  8. Dave Hooper

    Buy a house for $1 and
  9. Dave Hooper

    Small bathroom - ditch the bath?

    As some of you will be aware, we recently purchased our first IP :) The house is a three bedroom timber property with a small bathroom. The previous owners had intended on renovating the bathroom, and had purchased a claw foot bath, a nice pedestal vanity and a new dunny. All of these items...
  10. Dave Hooper

    Suggest a good PM in Croydon, Victoria

    Hi there. I have asked this question in another thread, but thought I'd start a new one to get some feedback. Am looking for a good PM in Croydon VIC. I have had one suggestion, and am meeting with her today. Had a meeting this morning with another one, but would welcome suggestions from...
  11. Dave Hooper


    I don't know anything about this, but came across the site and thought I would share.
  12. Dave Hooper

    Motivated Vendors

    Came across this site today - Looks new, and there aren't a lot of properties there at the moment, but it's free to list properties, so it will probably ramp up quickly. I hope it is of use to some of you.
  13. Dave Hooper

    Urgent Advice Required

    Here's the state of play; We have inspected a property which we'd like to purchase. It is on the market for $300 - $350k. i would suggest that $330 would be a fair price if it were in tenantable condition. It would probably cost $10k to get it to that stage. We offered 280k, knowing...
  14. Dave Hooper

    Buying in high density development area

    I have an opportunity to purchase a property in an area which has recently been zoned a high density development area. The problem is that the land is not of sufficient size in itself to do this type of development (ie I would need to purchase on of the neighboring properties, neither of...
  15. Dave Hooper

    Paint, carpet, kitchen and bathrom - how much?

    New to the world of IP, and have been looking at (what feels like) zillions of houses. Just wondering what the standard costs are to repaint, recarpet, install new kitchen and new bathroom in a standard 3 bedroom house. I know this is a pretty broad question, but at this stage everything...
  16. Dave Hooper

    US builders 'could help housing crisis' "Thousands of skilled building workers could be lured from the faltering US housing industry to help ease the crisis here, a peak body says. The Housing Industry Association (HIA) has called for a special visa scheme to recruit 15,000...
  17. Dave Hooper

    Rudd determined to act on housing affordability

    "PRIME Minister Kevin Rudd will today announce further action to address the housing affordability crisis ahead of tomorrow's expected interest rate rise." .... "Mr Rudd said he left open the possibility of "doing more". But he rejected a call by one questioner to act against negative...
  18. Dave Hooper

    Clifton Springs VIC

    I am interested in what people think of Clifton Springs in Victoria. Minutes from the beach, 20KM from Geelong, Median house price is $280k, other data is here. You guys are the experts. I am the newbie. I am hoping you can help me make an informed decision.