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  1. beekay

    When should I buy my first car?

    Hi all, I've never owned a car. Relied heavily on public transport, mum and dad's old car (for 3 years) and the bicycle. But unfortunately, being the young gen y male, I love my cars and want to be able to attain what I want which is a V2/VZ Holden Monaro (currently varies $30k-45k depending...
  2. beekay

    Insurance on investment property (building and tenant)

    Hi folks, I'm just researching insurance for my IP and was wondering what would be the best way to approach it. I'm after building and tenant insurance basically. I have received quotes for AAMI and RACV, but haven't gone any further than that. I've found their quotes to be quite...
  3. beekay

    Cosmetic renovation of 60yo weatherboard house for rental. Worth it?

    Hi all, I've just purchased my first IP and am at the unconditional stage on a 2 bedroom 1 bathroom 60 year old weather board house and will be receiving it as vacant possession on the final date of settlement. This has provided me a window of opportunity to take 2 weeks off work to...
  4. beekay

    Hello from another Gen Y. The procrastination stops here!

    Hi All, I'd like to introduce myself to this forum as I'm new here. I guess you could say, I'm your typical 24yo Gen Y. Up until recently, my experience with property has been incredibly limited, minus the odd attendance to a nearby neighborhood auction. Over my university years I've been...