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  1. Andrew_A

    Australian house prices in the black for 2012

    Very interesting results from the new daily price index. Australian home values are now in the black for the first time in 2012, having fully recovered from the drop recorded during the seasonally-weak month of January. At 10 April 2012 home values across the eight capital cities had risen...
  2. Andrew_A

    QLD elections.. confidence change!?

    QLD election voting today. Regardless of the outcome I'm looking forward to a possible confidence change, the outlook of many is still negative, time will tell!
  3. Andrew_A

    Steve McKnight in Brisbane 26 March

    Interested if anyone is going to the market update from Steve? Would be good to get some feedback on what he's saying, from the summary it looks encouraging :) You may not know it, but the 'statistical property stars' are aligning and indicating that certain QLD property is poised to rise...
  4. Andrew_A

    Rental market vacancies Jan 2012

    Latest rental vacancy data from SQM research. Tight markets in Canberra and Perth, Melbourne a concern. Brisbane roughly in balance between supply and demand. larger image source: SQM research
  5. Andrew_A

    QLD granny flat rules

    There's presently a review being done by the department of communities to encourage 'secondary dwellings'. Here's to hoping Brisbane finally gets some clear and helpful rules on granny flats, will be great for investors if they do.
  6. Andrew_A

    ANZ Australian Property Outlook

    A very interesting market update from ANZ Some points I noted: > Fundamentals support a cautiously optimistic medium term house price view > An investment boom underway in Australia mainly in resources and infrastructure > At the start of a multi year upswing in commercial property > Office...
  7. Andrew_A

    The $100 magic question - Insurance rates

    Thought I would share a magic question that works surprisingly well with insurers and the premium you pay. Just ask 'How can I reduce my premium?' and wait.... You will find that there are plenty of variables you can adjust that won't affect the level of cover you are seeking to achieve and...
  8. Andrew_A

    Predictions for 2012 from Peter Martin

    A wonderfully insightful list of predictions for 2012, I agree with most! Peter Martin: source The Age article
  9. Andrew_A

    Capital growth over the last 12 months

    A telling graph of just how lean the previous 12 months have been in all Australian capitals.The star performer has been Sydney which has recorded a 0.96% growth in house values, the only other capital to stay in positive territory is Canberra at 0.23%. Brisbane has been the worst performer...
  10. Andrew_A

    Brisbane & Sunshine Coast meetups + Terry Ryder from hotspotting

    These events should both be excellent! First visit is free, the best groups I know of in QLD, organiser Matt Jones does a superb job. Should note I'm a sponsor of these groups now, but was promoting them well before that, great way to learn and network without the hard sell. Sunshine Coast...
  11. Andrew_A

    Steve Keen's apartment +25% since he sold

    I thought the following article would be interesting to read. I couldn't resist the title sorry :) General area estimate by McGrath and taking him at his estimate and making a big assumption that Keen = Chicken Little! source:
  12. Andrew_A

    Brisbane Land Values

    The latest land values have been released for Brisbane. Not surprisingly flood affected suburbs have been assigned lower values, the top gainers look to be clustered around government infrastructure spends. DERM have an excellent page where you can search for your properties. Link to search...
  13. Andrew_A

    RBA Chart Pack

    Latest release of the RBA Chart Pack
  14. Andrew_A

    The World's Booming Farmland Markets

    Quite an interesting read, would be interested in whether the prices are accurate. A Quick Tour Of The World's Booming Farmland Markets Also in the article is a link to a .pdf file for a 2011 Global Wealth Report
  15. Andrew_A

    Primary Schools - Brisbane

    Interested in some recent feedback about excellent primary schools (grade 1) in Brisbane. Prefer North Brisbane but will travel :) I have a shortlist though I would love some input from forum members.
  16. Andrew_A

    Brisbane Property Networking Group

    Next meeting is tonight, Friday 25th March. They are the best value networking group in Brisbane now that the BIG meetings are no longer around. 83 people attending tonight's meeting. Happy to meet any forum members who might be attending.
  17. Andrew_A

    Favourite Coffee Shop or Cafe

    Where is you favourite coffee shop or cafe? Thought I would give my favourite Brisbane shop a mention, Site Cafe @ Banyo. Somewhat of a secret though popular with locals, not a franchise or in a large shopping centre. Site Cafe Facebook Page Owner operators who do a great job, friendly and...
  18. Andrew_A

    API digital edition

    An interesting addition to the paper magazine.
  19. Andrew_A


    An innovative way to work around the recently introduced pool fence laws in QLD perhaps? :) Hydrofloors The floors can be submerged in water to create a very lovely swimming area… and adjusted in height to make it safe for children to wade in the pool as well… AND entirely elevated to mask...
  20. Andrew_A

    Interesting site if you fancy a larger block size! Looks like they have a reasonable number of listings as well.