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  1. tbinvestor

    Im having trouble finding the next IP.

    Hello Somersofters I am having trouble finding an IP within my price range, as property goes up i feel as though it gets harder and harder to aquire the next IP, I have been investing in property for only 2 years and i have built up a small portfolio in that period. I feel as though I am...
  2. tbinvestor

    CBA Standard Variable @ 6.61 or Fixed at 6.64 for 12 Months!

    Hi All, I believe we are no doubt going to be experiencing alot more interest rate rises yet before things settle, so the throught of fixing has been on my mind, expecially since the fixed interest rate is so close to our variable rate. CBA has on offer: Current standard variable 6.61%...
  3. tbinvestor

    Investing in Hoppers Crossing - Capital/rental income

    Hi, I have been looking regualarly on at potencial IP's and I have been very curious about Hoppers Crossing. I guess my inititial attraction to this area is the price you can pick up a say 3bed house on a substancial block of land, and im talking 700-1000sq blocks! You can still pick...
  4. tbinvestor

    HELP! Need Advice!!! Invest later - apprenticeship now?

    Hi, I am 23 years old and I currently have 2 almost positive IP's, i live at home with my parents and earn around 65k, I have been in my job since i finished school year 12 VCE. When i finished school i didnt know what i wanted to do i just knew what i liked doing so i moved into an area of...
  5. tbinvestor

    IP#3 - 5% Deposit with LMI - Bad decision?

    Hi, I recently purchased my second IP 4 months ago and i told myself at that point im not going to buy for another year! But as it happens I have stumbled across somthing i think is relatively cheap, in a good position and has great rental potenial. The problem is im not financially in a great...
  6. tbinvestor

    URGENT! - Depreciation Schedule Question

    Hi, I havent yet organized my depreciation schedules for my two IP's and im getting very nervous becuase im worried if i dont have this i wont be able to claim depreciation on the building. I am a newbie to the depreciation side of investing as i have acquired both properties within 12...
  7. tbinvestor

    How Many IP's Do you have?

    Hi Everyone How many IP do you have in your portfolio I am on my second IP - my first being a 2 bedroom villa unit in Altona Meadows Victoria and my second 3 bedroom house in Point Cook, Victoria. I am 23 years old and im starting a Property Portfolio nice and early with the hope to...
  8. tbinvestor

    Car part investment

    I have recently been looking into buying some parking spots in Melbourne near the city, what is everyones thoughts on an investment like this? Have any of you done well investing this way? I was looking at 4 spots for 130,000 near Melbourne Central, each returning $220 per month, doesnt this...
  9. tbinvestor

    What is a resession???

    in detail what is a resession??? i have no idea i just keep hearing about it Thanks TB
  10. tbinvestor

    Investment Help - Starting young

    Hi Everyone, I am 22 years old and i recently bought a unit which i have tenants paying rent in, I live at home with my parents....what i want to know is how do i get ahead in life? i work fulltime on a very good wage(for my age) and i bought the unit to get ahead in life so i dont have to work...
  11. tbinvestor

    Government grant - 6 or 12 months???

    Hi everyone I am new to property investing and i am looking to buy a unit very soon and I was wondering if i took the government grant how long i would need to live in it before i could legally put it up for rent/lease? I dont want to make the mistake and have to pay back the grant, i...