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  1. kissfan

    Sometimes life throws a curve ball....

    So glad to hear the good news Penny. Was actually thinking of this thread very recently, and was wondering how it was all going. Hope you get to enjoy whichever part of Europe you are visiting...i.e, don't let it all be business. Regards Marty
  2. kissfan

    What is it with men?

  3. kissfan

    On the hunt again

    Nice work (as per usual) Dazz. It must be a nice feeling to know you are assisting your parents in this way as well........perhaps some sort of payback for sacrifices made when you were younger (I'm assuming that part). Regardless...nice work all round. Regards Marty
  4. kissfan

    Mens Fashion Question

    To me of I.e...I would wear underpants on my head (clean ones only) more so than braces. Doesn't make it more fashionable though...just personal preference. Go for it Mick...whatever floats your boat I say. Regards Marty
  5. kissfan

    Mens Fashion Question

    It appears the underwear on the head may be more acceptable lol Regards Marty
  6. kissfan

    Mens Fashion Question could use some bulldog clips (front & back) with some elastic attached, lol. Regards Marty
  7. kissfan

    Our 32 week old unborn baby has serious heart problems.

    Glad all going well GG. Lovely pic too. Regards Marty
  8. kissfan

    1million in Equity!

    Yeah...I suppose you could say they did (and still do) pretty well ;). Regards Marty
  9. kissfan

    1million in Equity!

    Hi post was actually just referring to music, but I see your point. I feel that you have to be comfortable in whichever way you go and obviously the more knowledge you have (and understand), the better, which is why I personally prefer property over shares (as a ratio)...
  10. kissfan

    Internet/email question

    Problem solved
  11. kissfan

    Internet/email question

    Hi all. Having issues with emails and hope I can explain it properly lol. Ok, in the past, when I received an email with a link on the page (from a trusted site), I would click on it, and another page would open with the info etc (I assume this was happening thru Explorer). Recently...
  12. kissfan

    1million in Equity!

    Depends how good you are ;) Regards Marty
  13. kissfan

    Remove the oil smell after floor polishing

    Have heard leaving a few buckets of water will help absorb the fumes. Not sure if it works....haven't personally tried it. Regards Marty
  14. kissfan

    How to Stop Mouth Breathing

    I know thousands of hunchbacks that breathe just fine through their noses :D:rolleyes: Regards Marty
  15. kissfan

    Job Offer Too Good To Be True?

    Mick...who wants to be a robot anyway. Good luck with the next venture mate. Regards Marty
  16. kissfan

    Happy Birthday Lil Skater

    Happy birthday Lil. Now get your skates on and get to the party. Have a great day. Regards Marty
  17. kissfan

    Happy birthday JamesGG

    Happy B'day (again ;)) James. Regards Marty
  18. kissfan

    Sometimes life throws a curve ball....

    Great news Penny. Stay strong and stay positive. Hope you keep getting those positive vibes Regards Marty
  19. kissfan

    Job Offer Too Good To Be True?

    From memory, Sparky was doing something along these lines, although I haven't seen her posting for a while. Perhaps dig up some of her old posts. Regardless, good luck with it. Regards Marty
  20. kissfan

    Job Offer Too Good To Be True?

    Mick, keep stepping up to the plate and keep on swinging. You may strike out a few times, but the home runs more than make up for it. Love your enthusiasm. Regards Marty