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  1. Jonril

    How do you prove something does not exist

    Luckily the answer was practical, philosophical answer usually aren't very satisfactory, something like, "To prove that something does not exist one should show proof of absence rather than absence of proof."
  2. Jonril

    Just got a new job! Woohoo!!

    Small wins are great, big wins are better!!, congrats on the boost to the cash flow! I've skimmed your Mona Vale thread every now and then, it has been very informative :) Thank you for sharing.
  3. Jonril

    How well do you know the US of A

    84% I guess that is ok, I cheated thou we just came back from a 5 week vacation to the USA, so all those funny and wierd shapes were still pretty fresh in the head. :P
  4. Jonril

    Most Successful Hedge Fund Analyst

    This guys been mentioned on somersoft a couple times before, but he is literally turning lead into gold . Well maybe not lead into gold, but exponentially multiplying gold.
  5. Jonril

    Scale of the (known) Universe

    Thought I'd share one of my currently favourite sites with somersoftieans Scale of the Universe, brought to you by Cary and Michael Huang, enjoy
  6. Jonril

    Commonwealth MISA minimum deposit

    When we set ours up there was no option on netbank until we had activated the misa's with $1000 intial branch/phone transfer from another account. Don't know if this has changed since we established them 1-2 years ago. We always make transfer's in the $1000's so haven't tested the minimums.
  7. Jonril

    Fairfax - no boss zone

    My cynical take on it is that Ms Rinehart has (a possibley justifiable) beef with some FXJ journo's. Why bother wasting time and money on the courts fighting a sinking ship when you can just waste money and scuttle the sinking ship.
  8. Jonril

    Glenn Stevens Speech - Interest Rate Cuts Not Aimed At Aiding House Price Growth

    They must have a finishing school for dour looks and droning voices at the RBA, probably effect of spending a lifetime surrounded by economists and politicians.
  9. Jonril

    Glenn Stevens Speech - Interest Rate Cuts Not Aimed At Aiding House Price Growth

    Glenno is my favourite D&G'er, just looking at his dour jowls moving up and down and his droning voice make me depressed. He makes me want to sell up all my investments and stuff my mattress with cash and mum's silverware everytime I listen to him waffle on.
  10. Jonril

    Makes you think..

    That sounds like a lousy best indicator to me.
  11. Jonril

    Newspaper Pay Walls

    never wrote free ;) , just open... so might as well use it if you are paying for it :P
  12. Jonril

    Newspaper Pay Walls

    Australian tax payers already have open access to news they are already paying for
  13. Jonril

    Insurance embargo in Emerald, QLD

    I'm using EBM, haven't made any claims, but I know several others on the forum also use EBM from memory. If you use a google search you may find older threads discussing EBM.
  14. Jonril

    Possibility of a Greek default in next week

    I am pretty certain the monkeys pulling the levers in my Super institution will lose more of my money.
  15. Jonril

    A nation of whingers

    I say embrace the whinge, being stoic is over rated, where did stoic get Socrates and Seneca? Dead that's where. Sure I feel bad for all the downtrodden of the world, but what happens when I don't have a whinge about getting served a terrible latte Sunday morning? Australians will be stuck...
  16. Jonril

    Is health insurance worthwhile?

    My wife keeps telling me how terrible private hospitals are compared to public... well she would, because she's biased and works in the public system (but did work in private clincs) Private Hospitals all about profits yada yada kind of stuff :P In the end she sold me on not going for private...
  17. Jonril

    Best discount from commonwealth bank 0.94 off variable rate

    I rang up CBA when we had the a .7% discount and ANZ were running the 1% discount promotion. When I rang CBA I said I wanted the paper work sent through for transfering/closing loan, when the operator asked why I was transfering I said to get the 1% discount at ANZ and then they said they would...
  18. Jonril

    Best discount from commonwealth bank 0.94 off variable rate

    Resurrecting an old thread :) So we have 1% discount on our ~$700k worth of debt with Commbank currently at 6.41% variable (inc discount). With the announced .4% variable move (to come in on May 11th :/ ) it will come to 6.01% variable (inc discount). Has anyone got recent tales of pushing...
  19. Jonril

    Homes officially out of reach for under 35's

    I am not suprised they cannot afford housing. I hear the copywriters get paid a ha'penny per article and have to cover ink and pad costs themselves. They should strike for the right too collective organisation. The media barons will probably lock 'em out however. Bleak times we live...
  20. Jonril

    4 Corners -Bankwest Programme 9/4/12

    I think I am a bit cold hearted, but the way I saw it the program was a big whinge on the CBA. The story as I understood it went. HBOS (scotish bank) was bank rolling bankwest and when HBOS exploded due to GFC it off loaded bankwest at first opportunity to CBA. CBA picked up Bankwest...