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    Earth moving recommendation in WA

    Can someone please recommend a good earth moving company in Perth. Cheers
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    Buying building / reno materials online from China

    Hi, I read recently from API that a guy was buying his tiles, floorboards etc online from China for renovation projects. I was thinking of doing the same. Does anyone have any idea where I can find more information or reliable sources? Any suggestions would be great. Thanks Jackson
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    Wealth Package fees claimable?

    Hi all Just wondering if anyone knows, if part of the annual fee for the Wealth Package (Commonwealth Bank) is claimable from the tax department? We took out a Wealth Package originally for a loan on our PPOR, but now have an IP within the same package. First time lodging a tax claim...
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    loan for development

    Hi, My partner and i are looking into doing small development projects (sub-division blocks). We are not sure exactly where to start as this will be our first time. I guess we will need to make sure we can get finance before we proceed further. So we are looking for a mortgage broker who will...
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    Simple Rental Property Manager Excel Spreadsheet

    Hey guys, I have finally found a spreadsheet that allows you to keep track of your expenses and incomes on your IP. Guess this will come in handy for those that manage their own IP/s. Mods if this is posted on the wrong section, please feel free to move it. Cheers
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    2nd books

    2nd hand books hi, anyone know where i can get 2nd hand books for cheap? books im looking for is investments and property im in wa if that helps cheers