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    Recommendations for a PM - Gisbourne?

    Hi guys. Having a bit of trouble with current PM and looking to change ASAP. Thanks in advance for any recommendations, as we don't want the stress of going through this again..
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    Opinions please..about to put in an offer.

    Hi all. Been looking at buying my first IP for a while, but analysis paralysis hit. If anyone could please share any opinions on this property it would be GREATLY appreciated. Aiming for reasonable CG and good rental return...likely? Any negatives that a more experienced eye can pick that...
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    First IP - just can't make a decision :(

    Hi guys. I am currently looking for my first IP and am quite keen on Coburg and am also considering St Kilda (obviously amongst a few other areas). Looking at the 450k and under mark. I've found that the more areas I research, the more indecisive I become. Presently, I'm focusing on the...