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    frankston north

    i have a house for sale at 64 brunning crescent,paid 174k about 6 or 7 years ago ,is a bit over 600 sq metres and the best part has about 4.5 metres wide side access ,suitable for rear after about 250k and am selling to be honest because all of my tenants in this period since i have...
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    tenants shifting out

    my rental property is rented to 3 single people under a lease .approximately 4 months ago 30 days notice was given to vacate and one shifted out after 2 weeks and returned the keys to the real estate and the other 2 fought this in tribunal and are now vacating in about 2 weeks time owing about 6...
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    Perth management fees (too high)

    why are perth managent fees ludicrious
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    finance from N.A.B 4 unit under 50sq.metres

    :confused:I was after finance from n.a.b for a unit which is 25 sq.metres for about 200k but they said they wont offer finance for a unit under 50 sq. metres.I specifically wont a loan from this bank and they have offered me finance for 500k but not for a small unit..Has anyone out there ever...
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    n.s.w affordable housing

    has anyone considered the n.s.w government's affordable rental housing scheme that was brought in last year,i.e in relation to building a boarding house or updating a house to satisfy the criteria for a boarding house as in room size(min 12m square) etc etc.which can be constructed or approved...