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    Hi all I was looking at Lowood as a place to invest. There seems to be a bit of ongoing demand there, and the western corridor just seems to be getting busier and busier. I've seen a bit of stats and data on the area, but haven't been to the town yet so I'd be interested to hear some...
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    Banks Changing the interest Rate?

    We've just received the mortgage docs to sign for our new ppor and reading through it I see something that concerns me. It says "under this agreement variable rate, core variable and each margin may be changed without your consent. " I understand the variable and core variable rate can change...
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    The order of proceedings

    Hi all, Would like to buy a property in Brisbane, after months of looking , we've found one we'd like to make an offer on. Does this sound like the correct way we need to go about it 1) talk to agent about price we are willing to offer 2) agent will come back with a higher one (we're...
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    Cap rates on commercial property

    Hi all I've been doing a bit of research and pouring some money into commercial property. I only buy cheap , good occupancy and capitalisation rates of at least 8.5%. Having limited experience (<10 years). I consider 8.5% Cap rate to be pretty good, with interest rates at less than that...
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    Good REITS

    Hi all After the interesting thread on whether picking individual shares is for mugs, I was wondering if anyone who has a good understanding commercial property can tell me what they think of a particular ASX listed REIT I have on my radar. Its called Reckson New York (RNY), They own a...