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    obligation to realtor

    Can anyone tell me how long you are legally obligated to use the same agent on a property after contacing them. In January this year I put in an offer on a property then withdrew. The property is still on the market and listed now with other agents. I am interested in making a second offer...
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    Trinity Beach Cairns

    Currently i am working OS and am interested in trinity park. I will be home in about two months too have a look at a block of land. Chrisv could you give more detail on the area and why you chose the canopy estate and not something on harbour drive prices dont seem much higher. Also have a few...
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    How do you work out return %

    you have to make sure all fields are filled in, if you have no monthly expenses than put a zero.. otherwise you will get a false answer you should also add other expenses eg. maintenance, taxes, starta , 5% for vacancy etc
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    How do you work out return %

    Hi Penny, Here is a link to a pretty good rental yield calculator. tika