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    Hunter Valley Meet Up

    Thanks Anne, Weekends is best for me as i will have to travel from Singleton. Cheers Dave
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    Propert Manager in Wallsend NSW

    Off topic sorry. To all the novacastrians please have a look at the Meeting Place forum Dave
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    Hunter Valley Meet Up

    Just wondering if there are people in the hunter region interested in a social catch up? Regards Dave
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    Ceiling Lights

    Electicial wholesalers usually have a good range and quality. Have a look in the yellowpages. I like something that is easy to clean (more likely to be cleaned), I have those oyster fluro things in my PPOR and they are always full of bugs. Dave
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    All of the above. Most people who work in Kempsey live at one of the beach side villages eg Crescent Head, Hat Head, South West Rocks, Stuarts Point some even travel from Port Macquarie (40mins each way on a not to good piece of the Hwy). But In saying that there are very few places to...
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    I used to live there. low socio-economic base population which may cause prob's Not much industry growth happening. grfoos
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    Meadow Heights

    Hi all, Has anyone had any thing to do with the area of Meadow Heights, it is 19km north of the Melbourne CBD. Some good buys. Cheers Grfoos