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    Bendigo networking group

    Count me in too
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    IP House plans review and comments

    Keep us posted SamL .. Real Estate agents are a good source of info and are generally quite good in Bendigo. I would say that the value of the new unit would be a the lower end of the range though, and be prepared to lease it out to uni students. Generally a pretty good area though as I have...
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    PM in Frankston, Vic

    I have several IPs in Franga and am very happy with PM - Kirk Stafford at Stafford Property Consultants (mob 0418 563 105 ) . Down to earth , knows his stuff and gets the job done , good bloke. Regards Peter Kabba
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    Are 80% lvr lo docs still available?

    Try Suncorp and Westpac , they have 80% low Doc upto $2M and $3M respectively. Then only 60 % over that ammount on Low Doc for both . Good Luck
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    Smoke Alarms

    Does anybody know what responibilities a landlord has regarding the upkeep of smoke alarms. I recieved a letter from my property manager stating that 'it is MY legal requirement to ensure that my smoke alarms are tested on a regular basis ' and of course they are offering the services of a...
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    Block of Units on 1 Title

    Bank finance for anything over 3 or 4 units may be difficult , unless you go for a commercial loan.