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    scratched water proofing membrane

    I have just completed a removal of old grout from my shower recess, but in the process I have scratched some water proofing layer behind the old grout. If its the walls of the shower recess use a sand and cement based grout such as Davco, ad a waterproofing additive when mixing grout and...
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    Tiling grout questions

    Grouting its like concrete ( cement sand minus irrigate ) mix to a toothpaste consistency. Apply in a manner that will allow the grout to fill gaps and penetrate beneath the tile edges and into the corner junctions. Allow time for the grout to ferm up, so that it is possible to sponge of in such...
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    Grout dries unevenly

    Grout is a cementious product, and as the moisture dries on initial cure of the grout, an uneven amount of crystallized salts filters to the surface,This is the Efflorescence witch can be removed with an appropriate Efflorescence remover, then waterproof the grout with a below surface sealer...
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    Height of bathroom tiles ?

    Floor to ceiling look best when the existing cornice is removed before tiling. Advantage Ceilings can be out of level. No precise cutting of tiles to existing cornice. Finished job look provisional. Gerd
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    Plastic or Copper water plumbing system ?

    Worth a look Gerd
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    Impartial Information

    informed individual judgement Has its own bias. Gerd
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    Kitchen sink drain

    I recently had this issue with a double bowl kitchen sink. The plumber used two short traps witch overcame having to lower the outlet pipe. Gerd
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    Kitchen cupboards demolished - Flooring "how to"

    I would screed the recessed area with waterproofing added to the mix, In the event that if there is a water leak it will not pool under the cupboards. Fixing a batten to the backwall, level and at the correct height will save you a lot of adjusting at the back of the cupboards and speed up the...
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    Shower enclosures...

    How are you going to get it in the room ? Gerd
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    Melbourne March 2011 Somersoft Meeting

    Please put me down for 2 Gerd
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    shower base tiles - which size is better?

    Cut the tiles to be used on the floor into 100mmx100mm, arise the edges and lay in shower base, giving a uniform look to the overall floor area. If you want to get a more upmarket finish , divide the shower base area to finish with full tiles on all four sides of the shower base. Gerd
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    level entry shower -waterproofing and leakage

    My method Applie silicone to internal corners to achieve a rounded finish. READ the instructions on number of coats. Time between coats. Tile the walls first. Apply an extra coat to the floor area before tiling the floor. After all the little tile chips from the wall tiling & the traffic...
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    Tiling over tiles in bathroom

    There are a number of adhesives that will adhere to glazed tiles & similar, providing they are CLEAN. Tiles on a shower base have had body acids & soap deposited on them over time. The shower base tiles over time, have received microscopic cracks in the glaze. No tile adhesive on the...
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    Htc Desire Great App Gerd
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    Tiling over tiles in bathroom

    Doing it as suggested means that should water leaking through the tiled shower base it will go down the waste as apposed to stopping at the outside of the waste. Running the waterproof membrane into the waste also gives you a surface that the adhesive can adhere to. Once the shower base area...
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    Tiling over tiles in bathroom

    I’m in the process of doing this for the um-teens time. Remove the inner part of the grating (use a cold chisel or something similar) Tap gently until is start to turn. With an angle grinder score the surface of the tiles, this gives much better adhesion than a glassed surface. Apply...
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    Michael Yardney's says don't buy in the western suburbs

    Sbirdermans post brings to mind a gem given to me by a Spruike. WHEN READING INVESMENT ADVISE READ IT AS IFF IT WHERE A MANUAL. So reread that most informative post. Gerd
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    when you have more than, say 5 properties ......

    At that stage most investors realize they don't know it all and move to a level that removes the nightmare scenario. Maintaining a portfolio in excess of 8 to 10 properties introduces different options due to a lager asset base in knowledge and funds. Gerd
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    Buying plants in Melbourne At this market you will find a great number of plant stalls. I regularly purchase native plants for a third of the price asked at nursery outlets. Herb has a stall that focuses on drought tolerant native Australian plant. He is...
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    I Buy Hou$es - Paul Do In Melbourne, about 30 per cent of residential sales are conducted by auction. Gerd