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    Where to get Brisbane Crime Maps?

    I currently live in NSW and have found these very useful: Is there any equivalent for Brisbane? Best I've found are these:
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    any RE websites to search specifically for auction times?

    was wanting to attend a few auctions in the area, but sifting thru domain/RE to try and find just the auctions, and when theyre on, takes a bit of work. do any RE websites (or domain/RE themselves) have some way to search listings for auction times/dates?
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    Pro Packages - Rate discount based off initial or current loan amount?

    Nearly all the professional packages have interest rate discounts based off the 'loan amount'. e.g. 0-100k = 0% discount, 100-150k = 0.25%, 150-250 = 0.5%, and 250+ = 0.75% The question I have, are these discounts worked out based off: 1) the original loan amount, regardless of how much is...