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    Painting cost

    Hi all, not sure if this is the right area for my question- but could anyone give me an idea of how much it could cost if I were to paint three feature walls in three different rooms at my place. The rooms are average sized, nothing massive. I was contemplating doing it myself, but I want that...
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    Making an offer on a property with fixed asking price?

    All, If a property is marketed for a fixed price, say $500k, is it better to offer something a bit lower and negotiate your way up? Someone advised me that I should start lower and work up...but is this a sensible thing to do? Any help would be appreciated. Lee
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    Choice of suburbs?

    Hi all, I recently inspected three nice properties at Nunawading, Moorabbin & Clayton with an intention to my my first home. All 3 bedrooms + 2 bathrooms. The ones at Moorabbin & Clayton are brand new, while the Moorabbin property is a year old. I kind of liked all the three...but not sure...
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    Prior offers for property on auction

    Hi all, I really like this property which is scheduled for auction this weekend. We wanted to put an offer on the property at 100K over the advertised price, and even the agent said it was good- but the vendors wanted to go to auction anyway. I am against auctions, but I have advised the...