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    End of an Era

    Thank you to everyone who has assisted me on this forum. I'll browse this thread fully later to see how I can join propertychat and hopefully see some of you around there.
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    PM fees 3.3% in Western Sydney?

    I have a PM in western sydney. 7.7%. They weren't the cheapest, but they've been pretty good so far. If you're interested, msg me. I am rather busy atm and don't surf somersoft that much.
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    Tee hee 50 shades of white! I used Antique White USA myself. It is a bit yellow and red, so looks warm but some argue it's getting dated. It is still the colour of choice for most sheeple though. Whisper White is just Antique white in a lighter tint, so if you don't like the yellow/red tinge...
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    Rutherford IP has not been rented from xmas

    OK, Good luck! You can't ever tell. My current tenants had great references. And yet their rent has been late, every month. :mad: I've lowered my expectations over the years - I can close both eyes re: high wear and tear, late rental payments...just pay the rent no more than about a month...
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    Rutherford IP has not been rented from xmas

    Hi EN710, Awww is the house you painstakingly painted and reno-ed yourself? I feel for you. Can you reno it even more yourself, or on the cheap somehow? For me, apart from price, possible goodies that could tempt me would be a dryer, dishwasher, A/C and heating. Can you bung in some...
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    eBay Money Back Guarantee - be careful and need advice

    Please explain why delivering an item to the seller (as opposed to having them pick it up) will offer protection in cases like these? Is it because the seller ticks a box when finalising the purchase on ebay along the lines of 'I agree to accept the goods in the condition they are delivered...
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    Landlord Insurance vs Building Insurance

    Building insurance is recommended (compulsory by law?) if you own the building (eg if it's a house). If you own a unit, only landlord's insurance is recommended. The strata should have insured the building for you. What happens if the strata is negligent and don't insure the building? You can...
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    First IP, need advice - Western sydney

    To the OP - If it were me, I might consider suburbs closer to the city and centres of employment than Mount Druitt and Rooty Hill. Parramatta, Auburn, Lidcombe. Or perhaps invest in an apartment within 10kms of the city. It seems to me that these areas have had much higher CG than far-flung...
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    First IP, need advice - Western sydney

    I have heard about this. So, let's say I need a loan of 265k to get my targeted dream property. I have 2 or 3 credit approvals ranging from 235-250k. And I really need to get the 265k badly or else I won't be able to afford that property. So I go get another 2 or 3 credit approvals...
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    Make it back to Australia? Why bother? They'd just go to jail here, which could be even worse than in Indonesia (high violence, including sexual assault. bribery possible but not to the extent they can easily get day-passes out like Corby). If they were to escape could they try to lie low for...
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    Sydney carpet cleaner to remove pee stains

    Dog pee stains, that's a hard (impossible?) one.... I don't know any who can guarantee stain removal.
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    How to cook eggs?

    I've done this as a quick and easy way if making a Boiled egg. I mash it with mayo for sandwiches. Method: Crack egg into bowl Microwave for 30-90secs, depending on how powerful your microwave is.
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    How much do REA's earn?

    A mate of mine is a REA. Her base is 40k. All the rest is commission. I think last FY she paid close to 50k tax. So, working backwards, is that 160-70k?
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    Follow your Dreams

    Well, I hope he is smart enough to see through them and find someone who is not after his money. I have met many who are, and many who aren't. I have also met many who aren't fussed about a woman (or man) who is just after their money. It all depends on the person's personal comfort levels.
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    Follow your Dreams

    haha, yeah - when I travelled, I just spent alot of time taking transport here there and everywhere to sightsee. Given that I had lots of time, I was taking lots of 'slow' transport. I spent inordinate amounts of time sitting on buses, sitting in traffic jams, waiting. I also spent alot of time...
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    Follow your Dreams

    Hmm. I used to hate working. So I quit my job and took some time off, travelled, chilled-out. Now I realise that, in the absence of work, I'm wasn't really doing anything productive either. When I travelled without a time limit or agenda (given that I didn't have a job or commitments to go...
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    Are 1 Bedroom units worth investing in?

    Location, location, loc..... and demographics. Sydney CBD and surrounds, goldmine. With the possible exception of overly-densely-apartmented suburbs eg alexandria, wolli creek. One-bedders in satellite cities near business centres can also do well. eg macquarie. Although they may still be...
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    But what if . . .?

    Les - do you mean that, in theory + on paper + legally, you own 99% of the properties? In the event of divorce, would the 1% party theoretically have to fight for their rightful 50% share of the assets then? Harriett - Some sound advice so far. I am no expert by any means but I have friends...
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    LL insurance for room renting

    Try googling 'air bnb insurance' or 'sublet insurance '? The thing is, most people who used to sublet didn't declare the income. That's changing now with air bnb.