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    Insurance issue with share accommodation

    I find that it is difficult to get an insurance when you are in a scenario where you are providing share accomodation to other people. For example you have a residetial home, and you wanting to rent out a couple of the rooms, it is very difficult to get public liability insurance for this. So...
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    Is Property Management for Female only?

    Hi There, I am just curious but I see all the Property Manager are just female. Why isn't there is any male Property Manager? Hopefully someone can shed some light to me on this :confused:.
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    Any reason not to buy in Mirrabooka

    Hi, I want to know if there is any reason not to buy in Mirrabooka? and I also wanted to know what are the reason to buy in Mirrabooka. Mirrabooka is suburb of Perth 10Km away from the city. It has plenty of transport, has huge Mirrabooka shopping centre, it is next to St Andrew Dianell...
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    Perth First Property Investment

    I have been reading this forum for awhile, and I must say I have learn a great deal of thing here. This forum also give me inspiration to start my first PI. Most members here seem to have lots of experience with PI so I thought I may ask a question. I am looking to buy a PI in Girrawheen...