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    how much is too much for an IP?

    hi. first of all been 'advised' to only post 'focused' questions on this forum so we've decided to break up my previous long posting into several short ones starting with this. my partner and i are now undecided about whether the first property that we've decided to get should be our PPOR or...
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    what to do with 1st property? --- need help!

    my partner and i are hoping we can get some ideas from the forum around what to do with our first property. things we need opinion on are whether to make it residential or investment or both, and a few other things. i'll start by saying that the property is a land that we're planning to build...
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    Is negative-gearing really worth it?

    hi, i'm new to this forum as well as to the world of IP so pls bear with other words, 'be gentle':D actually wanted to start posting about something more basic, but this is one of those that i've been really curious about for some time so thought i might as well jump into it. in...