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    PM in Frankston

    I am looking for a good PM in Frankston instead of my current one who has made me about thousands loss from poor management. anyone can recommend good one for me? many thanks.
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    Development in remote area

    I am in Melbourne and my friend suggested me to buy a big block in portland, and then subdivide the block and build two townhouse. But I don't have such experience, in particularly, development in remote area. Is it easily to get council approval, find suitable builder and control them to finish...
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    subdivision in Bentleigh east

    I am going to buy a property in Bentleigh East, the block of land is about 650 sqm2. I want to keep the front house, subdivide it to two titles and then build the single story house in rear. anyone in this forum has subdivision experience in Bentleigh East? plz give comment. Thanks.
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    anyone has experience with revIQ?

    Hi friends, anyone knows and uses revIQ? is it good?
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    Should buy props in BALLARAT?

    any props expertise know about investment in BALLARAT? is it good area for investment props now, if so, which area is best choice as there are many areas such as Ballarat north, Ballarat central, wendouree, lake wendouree etc..? humbly waiting for advices.