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    Calculating tax payable re JV

    Hi all, I have an accounting related question with regard to a case I?m facing that I?d like some clarity on from a tax perspective. Person A bought some land many moons ago for $200k. Person A entered into a JV with XYZ Pty Ltd to develop a block of units on Person A?s land of which each...
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    QLD conveyancing

    Hi all, I?m currently looking for a conveyancer in QLD to use in the near future. Rather than seeking recommendations (there?s plenty floating around), I?d like to ask for your input on the following: - What was your key criteria in determining which conveyancer to use? - What do you think...
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    Introducing myself

    Hi all, (I hope I'm posting this in the write place) My name is Andrew and I've been following this forum for a few months now. I'm currently in the market to begin my property investment journey and so I have been avidly reading the valuable info available on this forum. Thank you to...