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    New place for Girls to talk Reno

    For all the ladies out there, share your great experiences and worst experiences. We would love to hear them and need your encouragement to get all the other ladies out there up and about with reno's.
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    Cranebrook v Cronulla

    Hi all Cranebrook or Cronulla? :confused: Silly question, I think not! I've weighed up the pro's & con's so much that it's given me a My borrowing power $319k with 10% deposit. What would you buy: * a house on roughly 500msq block in Cranebrook, Western Sydney with...
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    Sydney r/e or rural Acerage 2.5hrs from Sydney

    Hey I'm in a new 'situation'. Lately I have had my eyes set on south west sydney )St Marys, Mount Druitt, Penrith, Letherbridge park), I've seen a few homes under $250k with good rent returns. However, I have also been looking at rural acerage 2-3hrs from Sydney near Musswellbrook...
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    Sydney based with max $170k to spend

    Hello I've got $18k banked, can borrow max $170k. I'm not a fan of units, and I confirmed this thought when I inspected one the other day - I dont want the hassle of a body corporate. So, I'm left with houses on single title land. No longer can I find a house in capital cities for this...
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    NSW Riverna Murray (Jerilderie - Macquarie bank investing) & Port Augusta

    Hey all I've been on the prowl looking for an IP. My recent efforts to virtually grab a freestanding single title house in SA's Elizabeth and Davoren area have been unsuccessful (I was there in Jan last year & could have secured one for $95k- now i'm cringing). So, in the mean time I've...
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    Cambridge Park, Busby and like areaas to invest

    Hey Guys, I'm looking at buying a second investment, and have been looking at many of the areas in the $200k-$300k range - and only single title houses. I'm finding areas like Busby and Cambridge Park appealing. The thing is, all the areas with houses in the above price range including...