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    SMSF Legal Question

    I understand a single member SMSF can have that member as the sole director of the corporate trustee. My question is can the member also be the sole shareholder? Or does it need an additional shareholder? Thanks. SYD
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    Someone is Parking in My Car Space

    Have an IP with a car space. We are looking at leasing the carspace separately. It is in a security parking area as you need a buzzer to enter and leave the car park. The other day when visiting the complex there was someone else's car parked in our designated carspace. Just wondering...
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    SMSF - What GST is claimable?

    Our SMSF is registered for GST. My understanding is we can claim 75% of GST on the Annual BAS. I have just been told that GST on accountant's fee and auditor's fee cannot be claimed. Does this sound right? The fund does not hold any resi properties. SYD
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    NSW Land Unit Trust - Any Good?

    I have read about NSW Land Unit Trusts but I am yet to be convinced whether they have any real benefits. Have any forumites had any good experiences using them? Or are they complex expensive things with little benefits? Thanks in advance for your replies. SYD
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    OMG - Our Tenant is Ahead in their Rental Payments

    We self manage one of our RIPs. The Tenant has been in the property long-term and has been consistently late with paying the rent. At one stage it got so bad we were one day away from a tribunal hearing due to non-payment of the rent. For many years the Tenant would say things like "I want...
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    Life Entitlements

    I am currently reviewing my will. I am considering whether to have a clause so that my wife will have a life entitlement to the use of our PPOR and then willing the PPOR to the children. The PPOR is owned in my name. My questions relate to taxation issues if I head down this path. Will the...
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    External Door

    I need to get one of our external doors replaced. A builder has suggested a honeycomb door but I am expecting a solid core door would be the one to use. What are the benefits of a honeycomb door? Are they cheaper and do they last just as long as a solid core door? Thanks. SYD
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    Non Fixed Term Comm Leases

    Hello, I am looking at potentially our first comm purchase. It is a small retail place with 3 shops and has an acceptable yield. The main problem as I see it is all the tenants are on monthly (non-fixed term) leases. This makes life difficult with finance. The agent has asked the...
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    Record Keeping

    Just wondering how forum members file their property related paperwork. I have a different file for legal paperwork, rental income statements, depreciation schedules, maintanence and inspection costs, council rates and charges, body corporate fees (if applicable), and mortgage statements...
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    Discretionary Trust Questions

    Hello, I am considering using a discretionary trust for our next IP. I have some questions I would like to ask the forum. I have been grappling with some issues regarding to the practicalities of running a discretionary trust and would appreciate any real life examples. I’m thinking of...