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    Borrowing Costs?

    Hi Guys, My understanding is that borrowing costs can be deducted over 5 years or the life of the loan (whichever is shorter). I know this includes mortgage insurance however had a few bank fees at settlement I wanted to query: * Land Titles Fee ~$1100 * Settlement Fee $200 * Bank...
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    Interest Costs during renovation for Rental

    Hi Everyone, Scenario: Bought an investment in QLD, performing some renovations to improve rental. * Replacing Bathroom * Replacing Doors, door handles * Installing dishwasher * Tiling living areas Question: * The renos have taken a couple of weeks during which I have paid...
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    Landlord Insurance vs Building Insurance

    I just filled out a quote for landlords insurance on the Allianz page and it asked me to enter the estimated value of the home. Is it normal for people to take out building insurance and landlord insurance? Are they generally considered different policies, one covering your building, the other...
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    Depreciation / ETAX

    Ok so I think Ive confused myself however want to ask: I have a depreciation schedule written by BMT with two options: Diminishing Value/Low Value Pool and Prime Cost. I went with Diminishing Value/Low Value Pool. This method has entries for: Div 40 (Plant and equipment) - Effective Life...
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    The lifestyle you desire?

    I hear it all the time "how many properties you buy depends on the lifestyle you desire" then I also hear "most investors never sell and let inflation grow their profile". My question is, how do I fund the lifestyle I desire if I never sell? Am I dependant on my rental returns/rental...
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    Change of lessor/agent - Bond??

    Hi Guys, Just looking through some processes to take over management of some properties. Looking at the Transfer of Bond Form (Form 3) It states that only applicable if the lessor remains the...
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    Take over from Property Manager

    Hi All, Ive got one property which I have had managed for 2 yrs and another which Ive bought with a tenant in place both of which are coming up for renewal. Im really tempted to manage these properties myself as the existing tenants are great and they are local to my area. I was...
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    Birkdale (QLD, Redlands) - Top 10?

    Hi Guys, Someone told me they saw an article in The Australian today highlighting Birkdale as one of the top 10 suburbs to buy in Australia. Did anyone see this article? Can anyone confirm? Cheers.
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    Springfield / Springfield Lakes, Brisbane

    Hi guys, Thought I would ask about Springfield, Brisbane. Its in the Ipswich Eastern Corridor, now with access to train stations, numerous schools, the lakes, parklands and the new Water Park (forget its name)... Seems a lot of money has been put into this suburb yet the prices are...
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    Garden Maintenance? Deductable

    Hi Guys, I had to buy a mower and line trimmer in order to maintain investment property. Are they deductible?
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    Accountant in Redlands, QLD

    Hi all, Anyone able to advise a decent accountant in the Redlands QLD. Couple, both full time, 1 investment property. Cheers.
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    Interest paid before tenanted - Deductable?

    Hi Guys, First time poster. I purchased an IP in November last year which was super run down and spent around 3 months renovating it. Until now I assumed the interest payed on an investment property was 100% taxable however now Im not sure. The loan on the house is interest only and was...