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    Capital Gains Tax for OTP Purchase

    We signed contracts for an Off The Plan unit in Broadbeach in April 2006 and expected settlement is late 2010. Will the holding date for CGT (ie 50% discount applies after property is held for one year) apply from date of exchange of contracts or date of settlement?
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    My completed Kitchen Renovation

    Well Done! Thank you for your post and photos. I posted a concern recently about painting wooden kitchen cupboards and it is fantastic to see such great results. It certainly gives me the confidence now to try the same. Can I ask if you had to buy a particular type of paint?
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    Painting kitchen cupboards

    Any opinions on painting some wooden kitchen cupboards for our IP in Cairns? I can't afford a total upgrade of the kitchen as I have plenty of other work to do on the house but want to spruce up the kitchen and thought white paint may help? Has anyone had any experience with this, ie, does it...