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    Helping a mate spend $100000

    G'day, i'm after some opinions...I'll try and keep it short and sweet. A mate just received above amount of money through a will, he has no assets and still lives at home with Mum:rolleyes: He is a sub contractor chippy so work can be up and down, so borrowing may be limited? He wants to...
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    Horsham, Vic.

    Whats peoples thoughts on an IP in Horsham Vic? Population around 14000, main industries seem to be related to farming and hospital and schools. Anybody have any info on upcoming projects or major bussiness plans for Horsham? Any idea on vacancy rate? Some very affordable homes with good...
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    Calling all Depreciators!!

    Need some quotes on a depreciation schedule for our soon to settle I.P. in the Geelong area. P.M me for info and you're best price! Am i allowed to do this??:o
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    Accountants in Geelong area!!!

    Hi all. Settling on our first I.P on the 27th of this month..:D Any reccomendations on accountants in the Geelong area that specialise in I.P's?? Thanks. Jas. P.S Sorry if this sounds repetitive as i've posted a similar post looking for a quantity serveyor in another thread..:o
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    Quantity serveyors in Geelong area!!

    G'day all. We are settling on our first I.P on the 27th of this month..:) Has anyone here got any recomendations on a good quantity serveyor in the Geelong area??? Thanks in advance. Jas.
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    Section 32

    Hi, we are in the process of purchasing our first IP..:) Should a sec 32 include plans of the home or building approvals? There is no reference to any buildings on the land including large shed and pergola attached to the home. Is this normal for a sec 32?? Thanks.
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    Offers on properties?

    We are just about to buy our first IP!!!:) I put in an offer this morning on a property, i will be also looking at other properties this morning. My question is: can i put in multiple offers on multiple properties? Until i get the best deal on the best property??
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    Newb question!!

    Our situation. PPOR, $600k Owe, $190k Available equity, $300k Ready to purchase 1st PI, so off to finance broker. Our home loan is with the NAB, we told the broker from the start we didnt want our PPOR secured against PI, just use the equity in PPOR as a deposit. Broker finds us a good...
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    Block of Units

    Hi, new to site and PI. We are currently researching our first PI...:), and we have come across a block of 4 units(1x2br, 3x1br) on a large block of land in our price range. At this stage we have only really considered houses as an investment, so we are unsure of any differences with units...