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    Your Strategy At Bidding (Auctions)

    end of the day their are no sure fire tactics, staring down people can just get you into trouble and is plain rude Whoever has the most money on the day wins regardless. When I bought my PPOR it was down to me and two other people bidding increments of 500 dollars whilst I was rounding up...
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    Pascoe Vale - cnr Cumberland & O'hea

    not to surprised really,high density housing seems to be the way forward for Moreland Council unfortunately, Why where you keen on retail outlets when theres a retail strip with a crapola coles only a couple hundred metres from there :D
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    Pascoe Vale - cnr Cumberland & O'hea

    AV We did the same thing last year before we moved in around the corner, curios about the future development rang Moreland Council twice and on hold ended up not worrying about it. I know of a proposed safety crossing on Ohea and Cumberland across from the RSL but thats it. If you do...
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    Poor Quality Tradesman Work

    Hi, I have just had some granite benchtops installed in my kitchen. Long story short - the measurements undertaken by the company have obviously been inaccurate resulting in a very poor fit. I have emailed the company and awaiting their response, but I just want to know if they dont come...
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    Melbourne for 600k and under

    Amazing Venice, we're practically I bought on Anderson last year, Mez and others after sitting on my hands for 12 months and watching myself being priced out of East Coburg I bought in PVS on a 500 sq ish block for just under 600 (house was quoted 475-515, typical REA...
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    Delayed Settlement by Vendor

    I've done a search on this forum and couldnt find the answer to this. I purchased a house back in early October at auction, put down the 10% deposit and signed a 120 day settlement contract as the vendor wanted an extended settlement as they had not bought another property yet. About a...
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    New development Coburg!?

    grew up in Coburg know it well, wanted to buy there for a while but sitting and watching ended up getting me priced out of the market :( ended up buying neighbouring suburb. By far the best area is that bordered by moreland rd, sydney rd, bell st, nicholson st, better known as Coburg East...
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    Building a "Bungalow" on a Californian Bungalow

    Thx for the feedback, definitely a new colour scheme and some sort of modification to the frontage including landscaping is in my new year plans :) Yes the other house pictured is nice, but they are also asking a few hundred thousand more than the place I bought and is only around the corner...
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    Building a "Bungalow" on a Californian Bungalow

    Ok, so I've realised my description is way off after doing some reading, I was looking at the home below and using that as my base, but I realise now thats not a californian bungalow either. Although I was using this as a base for ideas on what I could do with the frontage for my house...
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    Building a "Bungalow" on a Californian Bungalow

    Maloo - Yes it does lack a lot of character, It will be my PPOR so thats why I'm looking for ideas on how to bring it to "life". I was looking at decking ideas, but was confused how a decking / gable would blend with a low roofline House is in Melbourne - Pascoe Vale South and yes it does have...
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    Building a "Bungalow" on a Californian Bungalow

    I've bought a house recently (my first) and I'm trying to determine firstly whether my house is indeed a Californian Bungalow. All the other Californian Bungalow's I look at seem to differ and have a front "decking" built over the entrence made of brick and concrete. I was contemplating...
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    RE Agent, Coburg Melb

    Nelson Alexander seem to have the best success and biggest presence in the Coburg area. They always seems to sell their properties 10-15 % over quoted price ...surprise surprise... But at least they do the job, even I bought through them recently.. no problems Ray White and Lewis also...
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    Thoughts on Essendon Vic

    After much hunting in the Essendon area ( I was looking at the lower price brackets 550+ so properties where on a shortage) I ended up purchasing in a neighbouring suburb, Pascoe Vale South. The 12 months of pondering what and where to buy ended up costing me an extra 50 grand or so as I was...
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    selling brunswick townhouse

    Carl Sacco... lol.. i was going to punch his lights out over a house in Coburg... but I guess honesty doesnt run in the vein of many agents... sorry just had to
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    Loan Question

    I took out a unsecured loan for investment purposes couple years back in wich i currently hold stocks, worked well for a while but with the recent market conditions my investment is worth 80% of the loan. The loan costs me approx 1k a month at a rate of approx 12% I am in a position to...
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    Question on "Genuine Savings"

    What constitutes "genuine savings" ? I had planned on getting a loan at 85 - 90 LVR, but I've just sold my rather expensive car which I had owned outright, and thinking it would be wise to tip this money towards the house i buy Now when the bank reviews my statement for savings history...
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    Bad photos of properties, meant to sell?

    Came across this in my hunt for a house... not a bad photo as such, just a bit hard on the eyes, and wondering why he would feature it in the advertising, surely cant be a selling point :)
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    Possibly an Unethical question ???

    Please dont judge my character on this question, but I thought I might ask. With the bonus for FHG being pinned to a property price of 500K in VIC Would it be unethical to lets says ask the agent or vendor to make the sale price at 499 and pay the difference to the vendor by bank cheque ...
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    How do I tackle this ?

    Hi Jamie Yes I can, I'm in negotatians with the agent at the moment whos telling me that she was offered 505 after auction and wont entertain offers below that. Somewhere between 510-540 will buy the house. The house needs a lot of work and is tenanted on a month to month basis, which...
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    How do I tackle this ?

    So I should place my offer in the 400's ? I was thinking of offering somewhere around low 500's.. Hmm.. i really got this game wrong havent I ... lol BTW - Same agent that sold house to the new vendor 12 mths ago is now on-selling it for him too.