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    New place for Girls to talk Reno

    For all the ladies out there, share your great experiences and worst experiences. We would love to hear them and need your encouragement to get all the other ladies out there up and about with reno's.
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    Sydney - out west - what suburbs

    You've got good borrowing power. Look at some of these areas Greystanes (Houses) Nice Guilford (Houses) Avg Pemulwuy (Duplex or House if ur lucky) Very nice Oakhurst (house) avg Plumpton (house) avg Glenmore Park (house) Nice Hinchinbrook (houses) Nice My best picks of them all would...
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    Cranebrook v Cronulla

    Hi all Cranebrook or Cronulla? :confused: Silly question, I think not! I've weighed up the pro's & con's so much that it's given me a My borrowing power $319k with 10% deposit. What would you buy: * a house on roughly 500msq block in Cranebrook, Western Sydney with...
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    What do you think about Penrith ?

    Hi I grew up in the 'parks' area of western Sydney and Penrith was always dubbed 'housing commission', 'doll bludging' area. My partner moved there 2 yrs ago, until then I had never been to the area. I love it...and the part I am referring to is on the Panthers club / Nepean river side...
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    Sydney r/e or rural Acerage 2.5hrs from Sydney

    Thanks for those points Marg. Yes, will need to get a clearer picture from the 'crystal ball' for the growth factor.
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    Sydney r/e or rural Acerage 2.5hrs from Sydney

    To hold only for growth as I'm getting the feeling that the Sydney market is going to be slower for a while as opposed to the past.
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    Sydney r/e or rural Acerage 2.5hrs from Sydney

    Hey I'm in a new 'situation'. Lately I have had my eyes set on south west sydney )St Marys, Mount Druitt, Penrith, Letherbridge park), I've seen a few homes under $250k with good rent returns. However, I have also been looking at rural acerage 2-3hrs from Sydney near Musswellbrook...
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    Dural etc

    I have family with property in Galston (Dural), yeap...very nice, I just hate the drive there...even on weekends I get stuck in traffic?? It always amazes me. On the topic of acerage, I find Bringelly, Austral etc appealing..yeah yeah it's western Sydney, but I've been seeing some ok deals...
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    South Western and Western Sydney

    Hi Kam, I've been watching the area lately and found a few beauties that caught my eye, in particular Tregear. I did my usual stuff, drive by the house, drive around surround streets. Then I asked a few people I know who lived out that way their whole life, they both said (separately) If...
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    South coast nsw

    Hi I'm so glad you posted this thread!! I live in Sydney and bought an IP in Nowra last year (March 06) first property. It's just around the corner from stocklands and that nice little lake/parkland. My experience Personally, I would not buy another one there for now, I like to...
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    Just aquired 2nd IP!

    Congrats! I totally know what you mean about going fast. Right now I am in that boat - hungry for my 2nd IP and I've been looking 'high & low' - almost driving me batty and everyone else around me. Hopefully I won't be too far behind you! :)
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    Sydney based with max $170k to spend

    Wow, thanks a heap for such kind and encouraging words! Very appreciated. :) Tail end of Gen X!
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    Sydney based with max $170k to spend

    Thanks for the info!! Christie Downs is appealing to me. Victor that in the south?
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    Sydney based with max $170k to spend

    Unfortunately not - I don't intend to live in it at all. Currently still @ home with parents!
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    Sydney based with max $170k to spend

    Good question... I have inspected a couple of units in Merrylands & Guilford (Sydney) - they were older style - great floor plan on one, also in my price range. However, the small brick retaining wall at the front of the units was breaking away and look like it had eroded over some time - is...
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    Sydney based with max $170k to spend

    Hello I've got $18k banked, can borrow max $170k. I'm not a fan of units, and I confirmed this thought when I inspected one the other day - I dont want the hassle of a body corporate. So, I'm left with houses on single title land. No longer can I find a house in capital cities for this...
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    Hate micromanaging the PM!

    I'm glad to hear that your PM actually knows you number! Seems that mine doesn't. Never returns my calls, and very closed in for one of the big r/e's.
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    Central Coast > Sydney peak traffic

    Glad to hear that. I'm trying to keep my options open to the markets in different states - Sydney IP for me seems like such a far away option. We'll get there!:)
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    Central Coast > Sydney peak traffic

    Hey tiger, I work near Meadowbank. I have 2 work colleagues that live up there - one at the Entrance & the other somewhere near Bateau Bay. Person 1 Entrance: He has been doing the train ride for something like 15 years...he seems ok with it. He mainly has issues in summer when fires cause...
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    NSW Riverna Murray (Jerilderie - Macquarie bank investing) & Port Augusta

    Would be curious to learn what people know about the local industry in Port Augusta these days. Fantastic replies coming from this...thanks. I too am interested to further know what is currently happening there...I'm feeling slightly confused about it, the areas around it (stretching far &...