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    Finance while working on ABN

    Hi all I recently started working on ABN and when i tried to refinance my loan with current bank, they are asking for 2 years of group certificates. I had a bit of gap between last job and the current one so my questions is whether it is possible to refinance with any other bank without group...
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    LMI when refinancing loan with same lender

    Hi all I have got a question in regards to LMI if i refinance my current loan with the same lender. Current value as per lender: $475000 Current Loan amt: $377000 I need to refinance to get around $30,000 - $40,000 for unfortunate emergency. I wanted to know if i will be paying...
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    Interest on personal loan deductible?

    Hi all I bought some land to build investment property. My bank processed the land loan and provided pre approval for building costs as well. When i was about to settle with builder, my bank told me that rules had changed and i had to go to other bank, i got the loan approved and went with...
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    Colourbond fencing

    Hi all Does anyone know someone who does fencing in western suburbs of Melbourne? I will need approximately 38m fencing(1.8 m height) colourbond fence. It's a brand new property so just need new fence installed. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance.
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    Property Managers in Melbourne Western Suburbs (Tarneit)

    Hi People My first investment property is 75% ready and i thought it might be a good idea to try finding a good PMs to make sure it is rented out without much delays. Any recommendations for PMs in western suburbs? Also, i have no idea how much fees are acceptable so what percentages...
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    Help: Massive penalty for late settlement

    Hi All I was wondering if someone can help me or give me an advice as i almost suffered a heart attack today.I signed up for a block of land end of last year and was told that settlement is due sometime in September. I paid the deposit and knew loan approval won't be a problem so i kind of...
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    Council rates on vacant land??

    It might be a stupid question but why should we pay rates on vacant land. I haven't yet started to build, settlement happened 4 months ago and i have receieved a bill so is it really normal???
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    Land for sale in Riverwalk Werribee

    Hi everyone I signed up for a block in Werribee's new Riverwalk estate 8 months ago, my circumstaces have changed and won't be able to afford the payment and loan is unlikely to be approved anyway. Is anyone interested in buying the land?? Block size: 375 sq m Price $210000...
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    Loan approval

    Hi everyone I signed up for a property at the end of last year and paid 10% deosit. The settlement is due in September and i did tick the clause "Subject to finance". I was confident that the loan approval would be not a problem but i the circumstances have changed and i know it will NOT be...
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    Rental income: Could it be used to increase borrowing power?

    Hi all I have got an existing house (with approx $200000 equity), went to bank to see if i could use the equity to buy investment property and i was told that i could borrow upto $450000 but i only needed $370000 so it was all good, went and signed up for house and land package, settled on...
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    Capital Loss

    Hi everyone I have got a dumb question to ask, i bought a block of land 3 months ago and settlements is still 3 months away. I used credit card to pay for deposit and thinking about selling the land before settlement. I have a few questions: I bought the land for $210,000 and don't think i...
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    CGT and stamp duty on LAND

    Hi all I have couple of questions in regards to CGT and stamp duty on a piece of land i recently bought for investment. Stamp duty: 1 - I recently signed up for a block and settlement is not till August/September. One of my friends suggested that if i sell the land before settlement, i...
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    Claiming mortgage interest: Property in joint names

    Hey all I bought my investment property recently and i have got a question for the experts here ( apologies if it's a dumb question but i am a new investor). After reading numerous threads, i have come to the conslusion that interest paid on mortgage is test deductible (investment...
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    IP: City apartment vs Suburban House

    Hi all I am sure this question must have been asked millions of times but i couldn't really find a thread answering all my questions so apologies for asking the same old question but i have never bought an investment property and have very basic knowledge about "Negative gearing", Net return...
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    Adding two bedrooms to increase value

    Hi All I have been wondering about it for a while but haven't taken any actions as yet. My land size is around 815 Sq meter and house is quite spacious with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and huge double garage. I have a large family and we are thinking about adding 2 more bedrooms as there is...
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    IP in Hoppers Crossing/Werribee (VIC)

    Hi everyone I am from Melbourne and searched for this forum as i am seriously looking for investment property. It's a great forum and there are some knowledgable and rich people on this forum. I have got a property in Western suburb of Melbourne(St Albans). I have about $150,000 equity and...