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  1. kissfan

    Internet/email question

    Hi all. Having issues with emails and hope I can explain it properly lol. Ok, in the past, when I received an email with a link on the page (from a trusted site), I would click on it, and another page would open with the info etc (I assume this was happening thru Explorer). Recently...
  2. kissfan

    Happy Birthday Rob (Williams)

    Hi Rob, just noticed today is your birthday. Many happy returns mate. Hope you have a great birthday. Regards Marty
  3. kissfan

    Happy Birthday Rixter

    Happy Birthday Rick. Just noticed today is your birthday. Hope you had/have a great day. Enjoy your posts. Regards Marty
  4. kissfan

    Happy Birthday Xenia

    Many happy returns Xenia. Mine was last week. Regards Marty
  5. kissfan

    Problem accessing Somersoft.

    Earlier on today I went to get on to Somersoft but couldn't. Was getting a message saying 'Error 403, PHP settings have been disabled by H-Sphere administrator'. Is this normal and has anybody else experienced this. Just wondering if the problem was at my end or the servers end...
  6. kissfan

    Different types of insurance/s

    Was talking to my "bank person" the other day and the subject of insurance/s came up. He was recommending me to consider taking out a few different type of insurances, with his organisation of course, lol. He recommended life, trauma, and income protection for myself and my wife. I've...
  7. kissfan

    Firefox question

    When downloading Mozilla Firefox, which version should I go for, the British version or the US version, or does it not make a difference? Regards Marty
  8. kissfan

    New PC monitor

    Hoping one of the IT experts can help. Am in the process of upgrading my PC. Getting rid of my Fred Flintstone era model. Wil be taking delivery of new tower (is that the correct term?), keyboard etc next week. Went out and bought new monitor today and thought I'd hook it up to my old...
  9. kissfan

    Forum offline?

    Hi all. Did anyone else have difficulty accessing Somersoft (forum section anyway) this morning? Could only get on after midday. Was missing my morning fix :D;) Regards Marty
  10. kissfan

    A refinance and a release

    Hi all. What is the scenario when lender A has security over two properties (separate loans) and lender B is taking over the loan but only one of the properties. I.e, the properties have gone up in value enough for the new lender to only need the one property. Is the second property...
  11. kissfan

    Happy Mothers Day

    Just wanted to wish all the mums out there a very Happy Mothers Day. Put your feet up and have a bit of a break today if you can. Regards Marty. P.S. Not looking for brownie points, just realise that sometimes some mums (and dads) may not get the recognition they deserve
  12. kissfan

    Exchanging currency

    Just wondering where the majority of you exchange AUD into foreign dollars. In the past I've always just changed my currency at my local bank (where I have accounts etc) at the currency desk. Is there somewhere else where I might get a better rate? E.g, airport, bank in country I'm going...
  13. kissfan

    Essendon to Albert Park. Question to Melbournites

    Ok, so I'm going down (from Sydney) to Melbourne next month for the Grand Prix, and it has nothing to do with the fact that KISS are there (yeah, right :rolleyes:). Anyway, have booked accommodation at Essendon which I thought was fairly close to the city. Now, I'm told that it's a 'fair way...
  14. kissfan

    Replacing an oven element

    Hi all. Has anyone had any experience in replacing an oven element? Can it be done? I would assume so. Is it easy to do, or should I be getting electrician/stove repair person to be doing it? It's a westinghouse, if it makes any difference. Regards Marty
  15. kissfan

    Can't access thread

    How come I cant access the thread "Stock or Land" in the Information Resources section?
  16. kissfan

    Depreciation question

    If a depreciation schedule has already been done on an I/P and a kitchen or bathroom is upgraded, how does this affect the existing schedule. Would I just tell my accountant the upgrade figure which then replaces the old figure? Regards Marty
  17. kissfan

    email contact question.

    Hi all. On my email page I have the side bar that shows Deleted Items, Sent Items etc and under that I have my contacts (email addresses). I accidently closed that sidebar, I managed to get deleted items etc back on the side but cant seem to get my contacts there again. I'm sure...
  18. kissfan

    New I/P magazine.

    For anyone interested, I believe there will be a new I/P magazine out next week. Title is: Your Investment Property. Regards Marty
  19. kissfan

    PRD Nationwide as Property Managers

    Just wanted to find out if anyone is/has using/used PRD Nationwide to manage any of their properties. I realize it really depends on what office one is referring to, and that service from branch to branch will probably differ, but I was after an overall opinion from anyone currently using...
  20. kissfan

    The "OFFICIAL" 06 Merry Christmas thread.

    Merry Christmas greetings have started to creep into other threads, but I'd like to take the opportunity to 'officially' wish all Somersoftians a very Merry Christmas and hope that all have a fantastic 07. There are too many on here to name that I have learnt so much from, so I consider that...