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    How much to knock door through block wall?

    Can I have ideas / guestimate how much it would be for builder to knock through a block wall and add a door? Thanks Novar
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    Duplex Insurance Qld - Help Please

    Hi everyone, My duplex insurance is up for renewal today, I'm not sure what's so hard about it but I'm having issues with insurance companies to insure. It has been insured with Suncorp, who are no longer doing body corp. Ringing around to get cover everyone seems to have issue with "body corp"...
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    Loan Insurance - Tax Deductable?

    Is loan insurance tax deductable? I have taken out loan insurance on a new loan, $225 month covers 2.5 years of illness and payout of loan on death. Because of age (50's) I decided to take it out knowing there is a 21 day cooling off period for me to consider whether to continue with it...
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    Banks - Best Deal Right Now?

    Which bank is offering the best deal on 3 year fixed ATM? I'm also looking for good service *cough* Applied for a loan with ANZ and so ticked off with them for all the stuffing round. Finance clause runs out tomorrow and I have heard nothing and sick of chasing them up. :mad: Thinking...
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    Qld R/E Agent - Personal Interest?

    Does anyone know the legalities in regard to an estate agent disclosing a personal interest in a property? Qld If the agent is the property owner, at what stage does this legally have to be disclosed to the buyer? Thx
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    Vendor Finanace $25,000 on 320,000 Sale

    We have a buyer for a unit up for sale. Sale price is $315,000, buyer is very keen ...she has $300,000 cash and needs to borrow $25,000 to finalise. She has no job and CBA have knocked her back. NAB are looking at it. :rolleyes: I know that sounds a bit suss .. with 93% equity why would they...
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    Looks Like A Good Forum

    This forum looks interesting.
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    Insurance ... Sit down when you get your bill

    Opened my house insurance bill today for PPOR. Last year was $692, this year ..... drum roll $1200 ! :eek::eek: Suncorp house insured for $425,000 Contents $60,000 I'm still getting off the floor and will be making a phone call Monday!
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    My Name on Ip - Bank error

    Found out yesterday my name got put on my H's investment property about 4 mths ago when it was re-organised for a new property. My name had to go on the new one 1% share because of the LVR But the original one has been in H's name only since we would it 5 years ago. Here's the thing I have...
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    Survivor Micronesia Starts Tonight 10.30

    For anyone interested Survivor: Micronesia - Fans vs Favourites You Guys Are Dumber Than You Look 10.30pm, Nine Tuesday 30 September Ten former contestants face off against 10 die-hard fans for the chance to be the ultimate survivor
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    Mackay - Bowen Basin 2nd Boom

    News today from Mackay Makes good reading Boom 2 on its way May 24, 2008 FOR anyone looking forward to the end of the mining boom, there is bad news. It's not coming. In its place will be a second boom, Boom Two, which will pump about 15,000 new jobs into the mining industry, along...
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    Qld Smoke Detectors Testing done by owner

    I just got a call from my PM. She informs me because we are signing a new lease with the same tennant th smoke detectors need to be checked ...BY US or someone we PAY. New lease is considered new tenancy and it is our responsibility. She has a guy who will do it every new tenancy for just...
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    U.S Mortgage Meltdown ... Stories
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    Cost of strata title in QLD ...duplex

    Anyone give me ideas to cost to strata title a duplex in QLD. And how much time and drama involved, not that it matters, just want to know before hand. :D I want to borrow money extra to do this straight up.
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    Old ~* ~

    Has anyone posted this before Good site for checking out previous list price etc And sister site Is great as well with google earth
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    Thinking about buying a spa ..recommendations

    Had the pool... too much work for me for the amount of use. But I really miss a spash when it's hot and humid to cool off. So ...I'm thinkig of getting a spa. Been quoted $9,500 for a 5 person. Seems to be a good option, less work, all year round use. These days I am only catering to adults...
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    What permission is required to shift kitchen

    Property located Mackay QLD Does anyone know if council permission is required to move a kitchen to the laundry area right next door? The floor has been raised to the same height as the rest of the living area.
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    What's Happening In YOUR City or Town ?

    How's things looking in your neck of the woods in real estate? I'm in MACKAY QLD, things are on the down here. Lots of property for sale but not much selling. Some houses dropping by $50,000 in dribs and drabs over the last few months until they sell. Two months ago ... Looked at a 5...
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    Individual Property Boundaries / Body Corp

    Looking at buying a half duplex in need of some updating and TLC. Problem is .. all the land the duplex sits on (800sq), bar each unit and 2 metres around is owned by the body corp as common. The duplex is to one side of the block and the unit we are buying has a larger land share our side...