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    Gold Coast Property

    I think Coombabah is well priced. You will be able to find property in the low to mid $300k range and it is only another 5-10 mins further down the road.
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    i called it first! GFC Mk2.

    plenty of oil floating around the gulf of mexico at the moment. who wants to come with me on my tinny? bring a couple of jerri cans with ya.
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    Eye of the Storm

    Roman Denarius, poor cashflow management. Could have been avoided by having better cash flow management
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    Climategate and Media lack of Interest

    for those who prefer to listen instead of read. The final comments from Dr Tim Ball hits the nail on the head, "this is a deeply, troubling time for not only for climate science but science in general"
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    hmmm dubai

    I don't think Abu Dhabi will be bailing Dubai out this time, My personal opinion is that they will pick up the assets at firesale prices. Time will only tell though
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    So much for global warming

    Don't you love the world we live in? Whats 7 Billion, heck whats 60 Billion. Its for a good cause.
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    hmmm dubai

    won't impact the australian economy? 50% of the money we borrow here are funded offshore, if overseas banks are affected because of the lost billions, the cost of funds to keep our economy pumping will rocket sky high. We still have room to move with RBA being able to bring rates down however if...
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    hmmm dubai What are the chances of our top 4 being the top 4 when all the mess is cleaned up? I speak in jest, but scary proposition.
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    Is Robina any good ?

    Doesn't have to be biggera waters, there is labrador, runaway bay, hollywell, paradise point. All these suburbs stretch to the northern most part of the Gold Coast on the broadwater side. I do like Coomera as it has similiar plans to Robina Town Centre. Might be a few years away yet though...
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    Seek property manager Sydenham Vic

    thank you ozi
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    Is Robina any good ?

    sovereign island, build a mega mansion =) i have a couple ip's in biggera waters. quite a few duplex townhouses being built on old Res B dwellings closer to the broadwater, bit of activity with salacia waters development $850M project at Paradise Point and a few other high rise development...
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    So much for global warming

    I still like my moon idea. I bet land is cheap there too. =)
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    Seek property manager Sydenham Vic

    Hi all, I am after a property manager for my 4 bedroom IP in Sydenham VIC. Seeking someone highly reccomended. Thanks Nommy
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    So much for global warming

    hey they found water on the moon! who wants to move first? maybe they can send us there with the tax revenues earned from cap and trade.
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    Getting closer to a cure for MS! Exciting news!

    not directly linked to anyone with MS however I thought this article might help others who do.
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    Getting closer to a cure for MS! Exciting news!

    Researcher's labour of love leads to MS breakthrough Elena Ravalli was a seemingly healthy 37-year-old when she began to experience strange attacks of vertigo, numbness, temporary vision loss and crushing fatigue. They were classic signs of multiple sclerosis, a potentially debilitating...
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    So much for global warming and the news is out, global warming figures have been manipulated for years. love the hackers!
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    Interest Rates and Experts

    banks making you fix? no one forces you to fix or stay variable.
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    So much for global warming

    completely agree with you Willair. Watch more jobs go offshore.
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    Australia is going for it!

    Well Ben Bernanke has recently said that rates will not rise in the U.S. We are already seeing the US dollar being used as a carry trade which will boost commodity based currencies. I've just finished watching Fall of the Republic, discusses the...