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    What would YOU do with $1m

    Hi all Just curious to see how others would spend $1m if they had it and what would be some clever options out there. 1) Use it all to purchase a nice home, paid for and debt free & convert current (small) home loan into an IP 2) Pay off the current home - use some of the money to...
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    Coaching / mentor services

    Does anyone here have any experience with / opinions on IP coaching and mentoring services (at a cost obviously). I've just stumbled across a service that provides 1 to 1 mentoring and coaching for 6 months that helps with the first steps in property investing and includes things like -...
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    House or City apartment

    Hi all :) I'm considering purchasing an investment property with someone else, problem is, they want a city apartment and i'm a little hesitant and would prefer a home just outside the city. We live in Perth, WA. My point of view is that a city apartment would restrict potential renters /...
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    Any advice?

    Hi everyone! Hope i'm posting in the right section? :confused: As the name suggestions, i'm very new to this. I brought my first house (which i currently live in) 4 yrs ago in WA. My motivation when i first brought my house was to just use it as my stepping stone to start buying more...