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    Can I choose to pay stamp duty this financial year or next financial year?

    Thanks, I was wondering about that very question today so that's useful to know ... although the chance of finding a property that I think is a fair price ... before 30 June ... after two years of looking ... is pretty slim!
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    It seems that $800k in Ainslie still gets you a reasonable house though. There seems to be some value left in that suburb.
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    I agree with this too. I went to an auction of an extended and fully renovated cottage, expecting max $1.2m and it went closer to $1.4m. Down the road an unrenovated cottage on a larger block sold at $790k, which was much better value. The demographic was quite different - cashed up...
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    How much money do you need to retire?

    Fantastic! That would make Canberra much more bearable. Guessing you don't have kids?
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    Entry level in the suburb at the moment seems to be $900k-1m, $1.4m is a nice, decent size family home. Totally aspirational, which is why I haven't done it - the figures don't add up!
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    I can relate to this discussion. Not only is it difficult to buy into good areas at an affordable price it is impossible to upgrade. We'd like to go from Narrabundah to Griffith but this would involve paying around $1.4m!
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    Buying in NZ

    We've been thinking about moving back soon - but the salaries are lower (by around 10k per person, which isn't too bad), the tax is slightly higher - maybe 2k each - and the school fees are around the same, plus there's a higher GST and super is pitiful (down $15k each a year). Family decisions...
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    Buying in NZ

    For Wellington it seems possible to buy a family home for around $600k (A$460k) in a nice suburb a few ks from town and equivalent rent seems to be around $550-570. Compare that to Canberra! And there's no stamp duty. However, bit unsure about capital growth prospects. And there's been some...
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    Your Blue Print to Success - Change Your Paradigm Change Your Life!

    I just showed the videos to my 11 year old who strode off saying 'I'm so happy that I'm so great at school'...if it works it will save me heaps in tuition costs!
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    Baby Boomer nearing retirement, no investments, no super...HELP!

    A person's experience with a particular asset class will have an influence on the advice they give. Eg I had a bad experience with shares, having geared up just before the GFC, and so am more comfortable with property. With your asset base and timeframe, you don't want to make big mistakes, so...
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    National Art Gallery exhibition in Canberra

    No queues at all on Tuesday avo. Only hazard being the zimmer frames.
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    Buying in NZ

    But what sort of capital growth could you expect, surely lower than in Australia, and no tax advantage unless you moved there.
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    Buying in NZ

    Maybe wait until the Budget. A change to capital gains tax would give the property market a shock but tinkering with depreciation probably wouldn't. Probably best to see how the tax changes play out and then wait for the reaction - doubt the market will rise by much before then as the economy is...
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    retiring overseas?

    Wanaka, NZ for us, I think. Beautiful area, great lifestyle. Only problem is a lack of work meaning we'd want to be able access to super early and there's a tax agreement preventing that. :(
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    buyers agents melbourne

    Did you see that Lisa Parker Parker Invest 0413 427 075 was recommended in a separate thread on BAs?
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    Are BAs a ripoff like many REAs & FPs ?

    I think Sydney BAs are a bit cheaper than in Melbourne. I spent just over $6k in Sydney in 2007 and was happy with the service I got for that price. Spoke to a BA in Melbourne yesterday who quoted $18k for a similar sort of property. I'd find it hard to justify spending that much money. If...
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    A national land tax is comming!

    Indeed. We would be looking at stamp duty of $60-$70k if we trade up the PPOR, which makes a land tax relatively appealing.
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    The Real cost of building a home

    Clarendon do split level homes, eg this one and Craig may correct me, but I think this is similar to what he means. My kids thought these were great - lots of separate spaces.
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    The Real cost of building a home

    What do people think of Rawson Homes's Bederra. Presumably you can render the bricks on the facade and tone down some of the interiors but the plan seems quite good.
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    The Real cost of building a home

    And we've actually got to get the block first. The rising prices in Canberra, whose property market paused only for a nanosecond in the GFC, limit what we can spend on a build. And then there's the block itself - it is one side of a duplex and a block of 15x49x26, almost 900sq which isn't too...