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    Move company money to Super

    Hello, I wish to wind up a company of which I am sole director. I'm thinking rather than using the ~$50K (after tax) to pay down an IP loan, it might be better to put the money into a SMSF. I'm 59 years young..... Is that something I can do? What are the tax implications? Thx very much.
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    ColorBond Fence Panels

    Hi, Anyone know a ballpark figure for replacing 4 damaged Colorbond Fence Panels (Flat block). Cheers, John Bradshaw
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    DHA end of lease - Bit Heavy handed

    Hi, Calling on those who have had experience with DHA end of lease.... My wife and I have an IP through Defence Housing and the lease expires in 2 months. Yesterday we inspected the property and were asked by the rep if we would be replacing the carpet/paint or taking a cash payment (The...
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    Conveyancer QLD - recommendation?

    Hi, I am buying my business partners' 50% share in an IP we have together in QLD. There is a very good relationship between us so no searches for encumbrances, bad debts etc are needed and I am familiar with all the financials on the property. Can anyone recommend a good QLD conveyancer to do...
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    Changing a deed...Cost??

    Hi, A business partner and myself have both our names on a deed that the bank holds for a residential IP. The Loan is $650K. Unfortunate circumstances (health) mean that my partner wishes to get off the deed so as to minimise debt exposure. I have no problems with that as I think the IP is...
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    Sunshine Coast....development economics

    Hi, I was told that many of the medium developers have moved out of the Sunshine Coast to Brisbane and the big guys have scaled back considerably. Given also that in the building industry up there, the un-employment rate is >15% in the area....... What do u think about the timing/economics...
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    Where can u get the 20% deposit?

    Hi, If you've run out of equity/cash and you still want to buy property (the repayments are not a problem) the question arises: "Where can u get the 20% needed by the banks so that they will cough up the other 80%"? :confused: In pondering this I guess there are Solicitors funds where you...
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    What's the big deal with 1 million?

    Hello, I hear about the traps that there is an imaginary ceiling of $1mill for lenders after which they get nervous about lending more. Is that true? If so, why? Shouldn't each property stand on its own merits no matter how many you have? :confused: Cheers, JB
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    Putting the money under their nose.....

    Putting the money under their nose.....nicely Hi, Has anyone ever placed a cheque for 10% attached to the offer, so that the seller knows you are serious about buying? What is the best way to go about it so that the vendor wants to take it? Thx JB
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    Doing your own will

    Hi, I have spoken with 5 or 6 local solicitors recently about adjusting an existing will. Some seemed OK & some...well they make proverbs about such people. So, rather than just jump on-board with someone I didn't know, I was wondering if anyone had done their own will using some of the...
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    Handyman recommendations - Sunshine Coast

    Hi, Anyone had a good experience with a handyman on the Sunshine Coast doing minor reno jobs about the house?? Recommendations? Thx, JB
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    Sealing an old asbestos/fibro roof

    Hello, Just wondering if anyone can recommend a sealant for a leaky old asbestos roof....Preferably one that can be sprayed on. Thx, JB
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    Costings for reno

    Hi, I'm as green as the lastest endangered frog on this. :) Could I please ask for comments on the costings for a planned reno as per below? Or pls see attached Excel SS Many thanks JB Item Estimated Bathroom -...
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    Quantity Surveyors Sunshine Coast

    Hi, Any recommendations for a residential QS that services the Sunshine Coast? I had a letter from Accord Quantity Surveyors....Has anybody dealt with them? Price? Thx, JB :)
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    Renovation Tax claims vs depreciation

    Hi, I am wondering if there is a thread already about the following: Question about depreciation etc on an investment property. I gather I need to separate the chattels put in to the renovation like washing machines/lounge chairs/TV from the actual construction/building/reno costs (which...
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    ME bank

    Does anyone know who is backing the new ME bank? I haven't really been following the news much and they seem to have appeared fairly suddenly without much fanfare, but maybe that's just me with my head in the clouds again :) They seem to have some good loans on offer, but are they safe...
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    For those who want an excellent read on the "True measures of money, business and life" look up John C. Bogle's book "Enough". Makes quite a good read on the financial institutions and what they don't tell you. Bogle, BTW, was the founder of Vanguard. Cheers, JB :) PS you should be able to get...
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    Decisions, decisions......

    Decisions, decisions......about improving a property to get more rent vs. leaving as is, to get more property. So let's start with say $500K in equity. If I buy a house here and a house there at $450K each, then ~$100K in equity gets chewed up at each purchase, limiting the number of houses...
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    Landlord Insurance in QLD

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone can tell me whether landlord insurance distinguishes between private rental agreements that are not submitted through the RTA (QLD)? ie If I take in tenants under a private arrangment with them and not formalised through the standard forms/bonds that are sent in to...
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    Tax break for small businesses

    Some info that may be helpful to a few here about new tax breaks for small business John Bradshaw