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    What does your accountant do for you?

    Over the years I have mostly hired an accountant in the year that we purchased a property and in the years we haven't I've done it myself. The accountants I have hired didn't seem to do anything I couldn't. The thing I am wondering is, I do all the leg work, I type up a spreadsheet for all...
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    Why would you invest in Newcastle over Ipswich?

    So most people buy for capital growth or rental yields and some us buy for a mix of both. When comparing cities, the average annual growth is often referred to as an indicator of future growth. When you look at Newcastle suburbs, barely any make more than 6% average annual growth, while...
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    Living in IP to cut CGT?

    If you buy an investment property with the aim of selling it after 10 years, does it matter which year you live in it to cut CGT? I have it in my head that it needs to be at least the first 12mths? Can anyone explain this to me, TIA.
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    Quitting work to hang out at home?

    I'm seeing a bit of a trend among my friends at the moment to not work. I currently have three friends (women who are stay at home mums) who's husbands basically got tired of their jobs, so chucked it in and now both at home living off govt money/savings/redraw. Neither husband nor wife...
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    Home Schooling (split off from Early Retirement thread)

    Why are you against homeschooling? There is so much research coming out now that shows homeschooled children are excelling at their studies. I'm against most schooling actually. To think, we fit 30 students in a room and teach them for 12 years what we think they should be taught and then spit...
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    Best way to borrow for a car?

    I know the best way is not to borrow at all :) The thing is, we desperately need a new vehicle. Hubby does long drives and needs a comfy, reliable vehicle. We also do plenty of camping on our time off. So we need to replace our 4wd with another one. So looking at 20k, probably on the cheaper...
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    Age and financial position calculation?

    I'm hoping someone can help me or steer me in the right direction. A while back I read in a book or online somewhere an easy calculation that you can do to show where you should be financially by a specific age. So you work out your net value then compare it to this other calcultion to see if...
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    Log in - Time out

    I write out a post and go to submit it and find it's timed out and logged me out. I'm a member of several forums and it's particularly short timed here. Is this short log in for any particular reason. Drives me batty. I have kids and might get side tracked for a moment to get a little one a...
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    Borrow 100% but no cross collateral

    I assumed that to borrow 100% plus costs for IP's always meant cross collateralisation. If this is not the case, how do banks secure themselves should there be default? Also how do you structure the loans so to borrow full cost but no CC?
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    Anyone used a financial proposal to borrow more?

    The computer says no to us but we know we can afford more. I have heard of borrowers writing up a financial proposal or resume and showing the bank how they can afford more properties to get the loans through. We tried this and the lenders looked at us like we were mad. It made no difference. So...
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    Do you tell people you're a property investor?

    Of all my family and friends only one other actively invests in property. When we first started out, we got negativity and so have mostly kept our investing to ourselves. Next year I am wanting to dedicate a few days per week to investing. So for people to take me seriously and because I will...
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    Can settlement be any length of time?

    I'm just wondering if settlement can be any length of time (obviously as long as it's agreed to) or if there are any legal requirements stating it must be under X amount of days? When people talk about long settlement I'm guessing they mean anything more than standard 4-6 weeks. What's the...
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    Best renovating for profit books?

    Hi, Just wondering what books you'd recommend for a beginner renovator please? I already invest using buy and hold but am interested in learning more about renovating. TIA
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    Neobudget or similar?

    Does anyone use online budget software and what do you recommend? A friend uses Neobudget and it looks great, easy to use but it won't allow me to use it's free plan. Tells me my email address is already in use which obviously can't be true and they just want me to sign up and pay. I...
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    One owns the house, another owns the land?

    I want to know if it's easy for one person to own the land and someone else to own the house on that land. How do you set it up and has anyone here done similar? What about if someone dies, can it be all legally written up in a will so one person doesn't loose out? We have a relative...
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    What do you do when you're loan max'ed?

    Partner and I have a PPOR and 2 investment properties. We are at 45% ownership. We want to re-invest in more property but our bank (and every other) will not loan us more money. The major factor is we pay child support and this halves our borrowing capacity. We have the cash flow to support more...
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    Lost Contracts

    We recently signed contracts for a property in another state and somehow the contracts got lost in the mail. These contracts were completely signed by both parties. It would have settled this week. So the real estate wrote up new contracts and has sent them out for the vendors to sign first...