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    End of an Era

    I'm also having the same problems. I can log in but can't post or view attachments as I get the same error message "You have insufficient privileges to post here." I've emailed Sim through the support page so hopefully he can attend to it once he has time and clears the backlog.
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    Asset Protection in terms of divorce

    Yep you'll have to give her 50-60% of the property value even though she didn't contribute financially because a judge will say she contributed in other ways like cooking your dinner or looking after the home and watching DVD's while you were at work.
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    End of an Era

    Thanks for the resource guys, it's appreciated. Sim, it's great you were able to fill the void and jump in with your new site which you've also monetized :p Does the new site also ban registrations from outside Australia like Somersoft? I've tried registering but cannot. I think it's because of...
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    2016 US Presidential Election

    Yes but my point is that dynasties shouldn't be allowed. They are a canary in the coal mine for larger political troubles. The founders didn't want a dynasty. George Washington was picked to be the first president in significant part because he had no children who could pose a succession threat...
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    2016 US Presidential Election

    I think they should ban Bush's and Clintons running for President. It's not good that 2-3 families have a lock on the White House. They could amend the Constitution to prevent presidential dynasties by stating something like 'any immediate family member of a former president is ineligible to run...
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    Extending Wifi connection to shed

    I am a soldier in Afghanistan where I live in a tent. The nearest internet hotspot is about 120 meters away behind a 1 foot thick concrete blast wall. Before I purchased this relatively inexpensive 'high-gain' antenna I had to leave my tent and walk outdoors towards a signal to connect to the...
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    Thank you Depreciator

    Why did you update, was it a reno or did you buy new furniture? Who's lucky? Got a link? Some of us have better things to do than read this site everyday.
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    Another over entitled mentality Gen Y

    I'm curious why you'd have such an app on your phone and why you'd post comments about your working hours? I don't expect a reply but I could never understand the attention whoring of fb.
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    Oh hi. I'm Elon Musk. Just changing the world again.

    Yes unfortunately this isn't a new product or innovation. It might've been if they announced you could run your house off your Tesla car which has 10X the storage capacity of this system. Instead this is around $600 of batteries being sold for $3,500. I wouldn't doubt if this was a ploy to...
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    I like the other Forum better

    Are you talking about PI (Steve's site) or the one which is banned to link here?
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    Aussie slang

    Cheers big ears, pap smears.
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    Bali Nine

    The AFP members who made the decision to tip off the Indonesians will go to hell when they die.
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    Oh hi. I'm Elon Musk. Just changing the world again.

    I also love this guy (no homo) and happy he dumped his wife recently. Fun fact: Tony Stark from the Iron Man movies was based on Elon. The director, Jon Favreau and Robert Downey Jr. were developing the Tony Stark character, when RDJ suggested they meet Elon Musk, as he was the closest to what...
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    You "Only" Need $1m to retire comfortably.

    I'm with Terry and think that's too much and just being greedy, especially if you're a couple with no children. $100k a year with a paid off house is a crazy amount to live on, $300 a day, every day of the year. Plus you'll have to work for an extra 15-20 years when you could've retired in your...
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    First IP - Gold Coast

    Now is a good time to buy on the Gold Coast because historically it follows after Sydney and Melbourne has boomed. I'm not saying it will again this time around but it will in all likelihood, especially with a weaker AUD which means more tourists and overseas students. Avoid high rises or...
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    Most fun jobs you've ever had

    I used to invent new colours. My favourite was a cross between Orange and Aardvark which I called Ovark but it never took off because the spectral composition of natural light has never been the same.
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    Agent fees between states - why do they differ?

    Collusion is suspected in Perth, especially places like Mandurah where this member paid 46% of his rent in management fees.
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    They should be sent packing

    Those disgusting French cheese eating surrender monkeys should be officially deported after serving 3 months in jail and paying fines of $20,000 each. Hard to believe anyone would want to hurt these little guys who love taking selfies.
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    Melbourne vs Perth

    You remind me of an ostrich with its head in the sand.
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    "Shell" apartments

    I've bought a few of these before in Thailand OTP and made good money fitting them out and then selling to other farangs. The best part is it's tax free (from Oz) but you must have a good team and supervise them closely because Thais are generally lazy and will take short cuts whenever they can.