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    Hoppers Crossing, again.

    Hi, I have read the previous threads on HC. Thinking of buying an IP there, but below are my concerns: 1.a bit far from CBD; 2.Too many properties available fro rent, long vacancy period; 3.low capital growth compare to , say, Laverton; 4.rough ? Can someone tell me my concerns are ill...
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    $350K in Melb. Coolaroo, Dallas or Lalor

    Hi there, I am been thinking of the above suburbs for a while. I believe I can get a reasonably good 3 bedrooms house for about $350K on a 550 block of land. My checking seems to reveal that Coolaroo and Dallas will have better capital growth than Lalor, but I am concerned of the quality...
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    Albion,Ardeer,Broadmeadows,Coolaroo, DeerPark or StAlban

    Hi everyone, I was looking at the Metro map on the train stations , and noticed that these suburbs are all with the train stops, are all reasonably affordable, with median price approx $360K or below. My budget is below $350K. Albion is in zone one. As public transport getting...