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    Writing article - Would welcome input

    Hi Guys, I'm writing an article at the moment about what kind of worries and fears newbies have about getting into renovating for profit and I would really welcome your input. Most of the time, its our worries and fears that stop us from giving something a go and I'd like to find out what...
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    Setting Investment Goals - Reno Goals

    Hey guys, Here is an article I did recently about setting your investment goals for Property Review Weekly newspaper. I'd love to hear what some of people's investment goals in regard to reno's, are for the year...
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    Good glazier in Brisbane

    Any recommendations for a glazier in Brisbane? Wishing you every success, Ana Stankovic
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    FREE Interviews and Articles

    For those intersted in renovating for profit, we have just posted some of of the interviews we did recently with 4BC radio in Brisbane as well as some articles which were published (Australian Property Investor magazine, Property Review Weekly newspaper, Renovating & Decorating magazine) on our...
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    Kevin Turner Interview

    Hey guys, Kevin Turner ( did a a short 5 min interview on 4BC radio with me last week - thought you might enjoy having a listen. You can download it from: p.s. I'd love to hear...
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    Renovate and Profit - Brisbane

    I'm not sure if I'm alowed to let people know about our upcoming Renovate and Profit seminar in Brisbane, if you are interested in getting more details please let me know. Wishing you every success, Ana
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    Article from May/June Wealth Creator mag

    Hey guys, Let me know if you would like a copy of the article I wrote that is in the May/June Wealth Creator magazine about what adds the most value when renovating for profit, and I'll try and work out how to attach to a post or email it to you.. Wishing you every success, Ana
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    March Wealth Creator - article on Number Crunching

    Hey guys, The March issue of Wealth Creator magazine has just come out with my article on calculating profitability of deals. Let me know if you would like a PDF copy and I'll forward it on. Wishing you every success, Ana Stankovic
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    Renovate and Profit Seminar - Melbourne

    Hey guys, Last chance to book in for this weekend's Renovate and Profit seminar. Wishing you every success, Ana Stankovic
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    FREE pass to expo - Reno & Profit presentation

    Hey guys, I've got 20 FREE passes to the Herald Sun Home and Garden expo next week for anyone that is interested in coming along. I will be presenting on the saturday at 11:30am on the Property Know How stage about Renovating for Profit and will be around afterwards at our stall C04 for...
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    Herald Sun Home and Garden expo

    Hi Everyone, I will be presenting about Renovating for Profit at the Herald Sun Home and Garden expo next week, on Saturday 22nd August at 11:30am and will be at our stall C04 for the rest of the day should anyone like to come by and have a chat. Wishing you every success, Ana Stankovic
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    Looking for assistant for Renovating for Profit business

    Hi, Not sure if this is the best place for this post, but as it is for a business that specialises in renovating for profit, so I thought it seemed an appropriate place to put it. I'm looking for a part time assistant who is passionate and wants to learn more about investing in property -...