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    Divorce solicitor in Adelaide

    Tindall Gask Bentley or Norman Waterhouse - my partner has worked with a lot of people in similar situations
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    Your Scariest Moment/s

    Getting sicker and sicker in hospital and no one knowing what was wrong with you. Hearing ICU Specialist tell your family putting you in a coma is the only chance of survival. Waking up 2+ weeks later not knowing where you were, why you are there, and not remembering who a lot of people were...
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    Northern Adelaide new vs old ?

    Pretty sure the days of houses on large blocks in Holden Hill and Ingle Farm < $300K are long gone. Would stay away from Munno Para, huge oversupply of housing in this area, with more huge development sites being granted approval on Curtis Rd i believe.
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    What Hours do you Work?

    I hear you, i usually work 1:30am-10:00am Mon/Wed/Fri and 3am - 10/11:00am Tues/Thurs/Sat. Hard having any sort of social life or seeing the partner, but i do enjoy having my days free. Thinking its time for a change, because at nearly 27 and after 8 years of doing this, sleeping normal hours...
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    When can I justify buying a nice car?

    You have done extremely well to be in the position you are in, and with a household income of $300K+ before tax, you can easily afford a nice car. You know what? live a little and do some things you enjoy and that will make you happy. Last year i was a happy and healthy 26 year old, one night...
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    Adelaide CBD house

    God, please put some grass down in that backyard!
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    jmillar's Strategy - Your Thoughts?

    Just remember things like lending criteria, stamp duty, LMI, deposits and stuff all come into account. Banks arent throwing money around like they were 4-5 years ago, so maybe the time frame may need to be extended, or perhaps drop the number of properties? Good work on having a plan though...
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    Adelaide - Any Sleeper Suburbs?

    Nice to see some people in the industry in Adelaide on the forum able to give their view on things. I missed out on a unit a few weeks back as i had my offer subject to finance, where the other party was unconditional. I had the highest offer, but they just wanted it gone. I have since got...
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    Is the economy really that dead. ?

    I work in the wholesale produce industry, and i have definitely noticed a slow down over the past few years. Everyone needs to eat, so this is one area that i believe is a good indicator of how things are looking. The big boys are seeming to be ok, maintaining size/profits, where as the small...
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    Adelaide - Any Sleeper Suburbs?

    I posted this question in another thread, but seeing it had to do with Adelaide i knew i wouldnt get many answers (i was right), so i thought id mention it in here. You may have seen the article from Michael Yardney about the state of each capital cities, and a graph showing what stage each...
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    Predictions 2014, perhaps his right:)

    What are peoples opinions on the Adelaide market according to Michael? Seems its the last to start the upswing, perhaps with Brisbane the best to get a bargain and hold medium-long term for steady growth. I think the outer northern suburbs (smithfielf/munno para and surrounds) will have...
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    Elizabeth Downs -Hot lead for low cost Mortgagee Sale

    close to 40% above reserve... ridiculous! One would think paying so much would negate really any profit made once all costs were included. $520-540 sounds like a much better deal.
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    What can/cant you go without?

    Just wondering what items/hobbies and such fellow SSers can and cant go without when it comes to property investing. Everyone has a vice, some nice dinners or holidays, others cars. This is more aimed at those starting out in the game, or when they were starting out in the game. For me, i...
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    Adelaide Inner Suburbs

    Let's get a little syndicate going :P
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    Adelaide Meeting

    I frequent the Parade quite often, so know it well. Id say Buongiorno as it can cater for a much larger group, and does have the best coffee out of all the cafes there. Time, id say 7:30ish? Would have been good, would have just got the keys to my 2nd IP, but after a building inspection...
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    Adelaide Meeting

    Sounds fine for me (as far as i know) Somewhere like the Norwood Parade for coffee?
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    Adelaide Meeting

    We havent had it yet Robbie, still planning one. Keep checking back on here to see when we decide to have the meet-up. Chances are it could be after September 23rd, which would give you a chance to attend.
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    Adelaide Meeting

    Wednesday should be good for me, but perhaps throw a few dates up and everyone can see what works best?
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    Adelaide Meeting

    So when is good for everyone? Keen to get this ball rolling :P
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    fat burning diet

    Pfft, hook me up with 6-10 IU of GH any day please haha!